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What would be some goofy answers to, "What was President Madison's first name"?

Asked by Brian1946 (32381points) January 24th, 2023

My question was “inspired” by this quiz.

For me and I’m sure most other US residents, this was too easy, which led me to wondering about some renowned but really incongruous first names.

E.g., James is actually his second name, and his first one is LeBron!

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Q-Bert D houmrnsucker

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Mad Dog.

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That is his first name.

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Woofus was what we called President Madison for a few months after we picked him up from the animal shelter. Then one day, a history professor was visiting, and noticed he looked kind of like James Madison.

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@ragingloli Yes. It would be funny to be named LeBron LeBron Madison. Serious moves.

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Being born & raised in the South…Jimmy Bob Boy comes to mind or maybe Jimmy Bron Boy!!!

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Nikita “Sputnik”

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