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What is the dish rack you are using?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27819points) 4 days ago from iPhone

And do you really like it? I can’t seem to find a dish rack on the net that’s not too expensive ( less than 80 bucks ) and also big enough to accomodate big plates and bowls and most importantly, easy to the eye. Many dish racks imo look bad by the sink. Thank you.

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I have seen dishracks for sale that are good looking, but I’m not willing to pay that price. I have one from Target on a slanted plastic pan that drains the water into the sink. I have to wash the pan every so often. I don’t really worry about how it looks. To be honest, I’ve never considered it before.

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^^Yes, easy to the eye imo…but it’s 100 bucks this Simple Human brand. I do have the Simple Human trash bin. It’s a great product.

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I don’t use a dish rack, other than the one in the dish washer.

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I put my washed dishes on top of a old metal cover for my house’s original water heater. (A cabinet type, under counter 40 gallon low boy.) It measures 24” X 24” and there is a cupboard above it.. Nothing I could find that provided good air ventilation would really fit there. So I used a welcome mat that came in 6” X 6” interlocking sections.

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This one, works perfect.

Limited-time deal: MERRYBOX Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack 2-Tier Dish Drying Rack Over Sink Adjustable Length(25.6–33.5in), Stainless Steel Dish Drainer, Dishes Rack Kitchen Storage Organizer Space Saver

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I just use a flour-sack type of dishtowel laid on the counter, or my dishwasher racks. I’m jealous of my sister, she says she never buys anything that can’t be washed in the dishwasher. I find that hard to do.

@Acrylic I kind of like that, but it seems large for what I need. I live in an apartment, so anytime things can go up rather than spread out I’m happy. But there’s no way that all of the dripping water goes into the sink – you can tell just by looking at the picture. I’d need towels all around the sink. There’s about 4 inches of open space behind the sink, and the cutting board and lid and wine glasses would definitely not drip into the sink since they’re to the left of it. Sorry, not dissing you – just the advertisement claims. But I do like how you can store soap, scrubbers and cleansers in it, as well as hanging dish clothes. So you don’t have any issues with it?

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The wooden ikea style folding rack isn’t bad. Cheap, reasonably good looking, holds plates and bowls.

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@Smashley Agree, and easily put out of sight.

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I have a double sink (and no dishwasher) so the cheap wire rack that fills one side works perfectly for me and looks good. Like this .

In the past when I needed a countertop dish drainer, I liked the simple folder like the Ikea Kvot .

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I keep a small dish drain rack in one side of a double kitchen sink. Nothing ever ever is placed in it other than clean wet dishes.

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No dish rack. No dishwasher either.
I lay them on a Tea Towel.

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^^ Now that’s interesting.

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My dish rack looks similar to this one, I got mine at a local general store for about $20.00. I’ve not seen any in the $80 range. I am only one person though, so I don’t usually need one that holds a lot. And I like it. It just sits next to the sink with a dry mat under for them to dry.

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