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What's there to do if the copied text won't get pasted in the compose part of email?

Asked by safai (118points) 1 week ago

In Outlook (the free one) if it can only get pasted in the subject not in the body is it just a glitch or is there a way to solve the problem without having to contact Outlook?

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How large is the text load of the message?

Is it just a few words, or several paragraphs, etc?

Can you manually type the message in the body?

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This sounds like a common problem where you’ve copied text that had formatting or something more than just text in it.

A work-around that often works for me with other program is:

Try pasting the text into a plain text editor (such as Notepad, if you’re on Windows). Then select and copy it in Notepad, and try to past it after having copied it from Notepad. (That can work, because Notepad will let you paste in rich text, but will only paste the text. Then you can copy just the text out of Notepad, and that should paste into a window that was rejecting the more complex paste data before.)

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@Zaku Thanks. Someone else said they’re trying that. I’ll wait for them.

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But anyway any text is supposed to be paste-able or…not? I don’t remember who posted something about that.

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I hope this is not a stupid answer, and you may have already tried this, but have you tried using control-v to paste? Because there are times that you cannot do the typical right click to paste option, and yet you can use control-v. It seems weird that you can’t paste in the normal way on your version of outlook, but maybe give this a try?

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@LifeQuestioner Thank you, it worked. I thought Ctrl V will only work withr Crtl C.

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