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Kohlrabi: Have you ever sampled, eaten, cooked, served cold, shopped for, grown, or harvested it?

Asked by Jeruba (54221points) 1 week ago

I’m curious about it. Is it an ordinary grocery-store item where you live (and where’s that?), or do you have to go to a specialty shop? Is it too fragile to order online?

What do you do with it, and what’s it like?

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Long ago, in my Seattle days, my roommates had a big garden and I loved slicing up raw kohlrabi and snacking on it, but I don’t remember much of anything else about it, sorry.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, though, I may try growing a bit this year. Thanks for the reminder!

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It is in the occasional hello fresh box. The last one was in december. A kohlrabi stew with meatballs.

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Long ago a good friend of mine had a mom that grew it. I had it several times when I ate over there and thought it was good. As I remember (and this was MANY moons ago) it was cooked sort of like you would cook broccoli or may cabbage.

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I love kohlrabi! My mom gave us sliced raw kohlrabi as a treat. It’s crunchy and wet like a giant radish but without the sting/bite/whatever it’s called.

It’s usually available at the stores where I shop, which mystifies me because I rarely encounter other people eating it. I take it to parties as an appetizer and people see it as an exotic fun thing.

I have never had it cooked. That sounds bad. Like cooked radishes. Not good.

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Kohlrabi is great. It tastes fresh and I love the crunch. It’s difficult to describe the taste, but you should definitely give it a try if you like crunchy veggies. It has a bit of a cabbage-like quality, but you might enjoy it even if you don’t like cabbage (I don’t). It tastes earthy and a little sweet. Kids often like it a lot.

It’s not fragile at all. I can buy it in the supermarket and it’s grown locally here in Germany, but I’m sure it would be fine shipped to your doorstep. It comes wrapped in an outer skin that’s very tough. You take that off, and eat just the white parts inside.

I like to eat it dipped in a mix of yoghurt with salt, pepper, and herbs (parsley, chives, whatever you like). I also eat is just plain. I have never considered cooking it, and I agree – that sounds like a bad idea.

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I have never had kohlrabi, but here is an interesting piece of trivia. Kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are all varieties of the same plant.

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I’ve seen it at fancier grocery stores like Berkeley Bowl. I don’t recall seeing at our local Safeway.

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I’ve had it raw. Nice crunchy texture, but the flavor is pretty bland. Would be ok with a dip, but I don’t really care for it plain.

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Roasted with Parmesan

Spiral them like a noodle and cook with Brown Butter, Sage and Pine Nuts.

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