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Is it difficult to fix the following common problems of some email hosts?

Asked by safai (118points) 1 month ago

1)They say there is no such username on the sign in page, when just adding [@domain name.something] results in there is such username.
2)The “sign up” or “register” is not visible, it’s only visible clicking on “sign in”, for whatever inexplicable reason a person does that.

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It’s not difficult for the programmer or technical web developer, or for a sysop familiar enough with the relevant parts of whatever software they’re using . . . unless they’re using software which isn’t set up to allow such changes.

But there are many people who run web sites, who aren’t very technical, let alone with their email software. Many email server setups can be complex and fragile, and/or configured to not offer many things that people can easily change.

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