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Why would a man need a photo of you?

Asked by honeybun35 (702points) 1 month ago

After just texting this man two weeks ago. I text a guy and he told me he got new phone. He asked for a photo and name because he didn’t have his contacts.

Thoughts please

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Other than your passport, driver license, and employer, no one “needs” a photo of you.

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Well he claimed he didn’t know who was texting him because he had a new phone.

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Well, that’s his problem. Be smart and don’t sent photos or anything else to strangers.

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Not a stranger. He just lost his contacts and didn’t know who texted him

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I say, if he doesn’t know you by name, too bad for him.

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Red flag. Do not send a picture.

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Nobody needs a photo for their contacts.

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So do you know why he asked?

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We can guess why he wants a photo, but we don’t know.
I would not send him a picture.

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Ok but all I’m asking is would you yourself need that if you have a new phone? It’s not a stranger just a contact but you have to add back. The person already had photo of me so it was no big deal. They just got new phone and had no numbers.

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I don’t need a photo of anyone for my contact list. I think you might be making this a bigger deal than it really is.

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A Photo is not needed to communicate. Nor is it required for a contact record.


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If you know him and want to stay in contact with him, send him a photo of your kitten, a pretty flower, or an emoji. But tell him you don’t send photos because someone asks.

Otherwise block him.

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He wants to know if you are attractive enough to persue.

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^^ Yeah, in that case, block him. He’s not worth your time.

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The person already had photo of me so it was no big deal.

So it’s not a big deal. He already had one, so send him the same one again.

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Some people actually use photos in their phones contacts.
I usually note: Kevin St Louis, or Ryan Phoenix, to jar my own memory.

I don’t see the harm, personally but it’s a little silly. To each their own.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t use photos but I do what you do as far as little hints on the name.

Mary Smith Isabel’s mother
Kathy Jones book group

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I see nothing wrong with giving him another pic since you know him and he had one before anyway. Funny he forgot your name and stuff though?!

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That is what I was saying. It is a sex partner and we just texted 2 weeks ago . He needed to see photo I guess to know who is texting.

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@honeybun35 If he is a sex partner and you texted two weeks ago, and he is not quite sure who you are, I’d be done with him because it sounds like he’s a player.

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There’s this handy thing called a surname?

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This question and its answers seem like a case of the question not being clear about the full context, and so several answerers assume things about the context.

Since it’s actually a sex partner, who already had a photo of her on his old phone, not just someone with only text contact, it seems more reasonable to me than most answers here assumed, to be interested in a picture, and expect it to be a reasonable request.

Also, even without that, it seems pretty clear that this is someone who got a new phone and didn’t “import their contacts” from the old phone/account, for whatever reason. While it may be common for people to import their contacts, there are various reasonable reasons why someone might not have done that. I have had technically competent/skilled and very intelligent friends who have had to get new phones and not been able to recover all their old contact details, and sent out requests to resupply them with contact info.

To answer the title question: There are many possible reasons. To include a few:
* Their new phone company doesn’t have access to the old phone company’s contact info.
* They said no or somehow skipped the import contacts option during phone setup.
* A technical issue happened when trying to import contacts.
* While learning their new phone, they messed up and/or haven’t been able to figure out how to import old contacts.
* They don’t know/understand about importing contacts (I know a senior software engineer who has trouble with this).
* It could also be a deliberate choice to start a new device without importing, wanting to only have current and relevant people in the phone, rather than needing to find and delete older contacts in order to clean it up.

As for: “Ok but all I’m asking is would you yourself need that if you have a new phone? It’s not a stranger just a contact but you have to add back. The person already had photo of me so it was no big deal. They just got new phone and had no numbers.”
– I probably wouldn’t, but I might.

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^^ I can’t believe you put that much effort into a question asked 5 days ago. Not to mention it’s been answered, though apparently not to your satisfaction.

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@smudges Believe it.

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My previous answer was assuming he couldn’t figure out who you were (ie multiple Jennifers) and needed a picture to clarify. Though a surname would do the same trick?

If you already sent him a photo and you can verify that it’s definitely him, I don’t see the harm of sending him the same picture again?

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@raum That’s what I said…why such a big deal that the OP had to come to fluther? OP even said it wasn’t a big deal.

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@smudges Not everyone has the same understandings of phone software, nor the same notions about dating. The very random and wildly different answers here abundantly demonstrate that.

The tags of this question indicate OP thought there might be a lie involved, and her follow-up question clarifies that she was wondering why someone would lose their contacts if they got a new phone. Those things point to two possible reasons why OP might ask Fluther for perspectives.

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@smudges Maybe if OP couldn’t confirm that they were definitely the same person? Otherwise, I’m not sure of the dilemma.

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