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Do you like to dance?

Asked by Patty_Melt (17513points) February 24th, 2023

if you do, what style(s)?

If you have won any awards, please share the story.

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I love to dance. I’ve never done more than what I did in 8th grade and in bars, and I took ballet for 6 years as a child. I recently tried to find a place in my town that teaches dance. There aren’t any that teach what I’m interested in. I think they’re geared more toward kids and students because what they teach is ballet, hip-hop, modern and the like. I’d love to take ballroom dancing, as well as a few others. The prices seem quite high; maybe that’s just because I’ve never checked into it, but $50–75/hour?! Sorry, I think I’ll take up the kalimba! I can teach myself!

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No, I find no joy in jerking my body around. I’ll move a bit while playing to help keep time, but I don’t care for dancing. Had to do it at my wedding reception 30 years ago, but never again.

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I was tragically born without rhythm. My deaf wife dances better than I do.

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Not really. Interferes with my drinking and pool hustling habit.

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I like to move when listening to music. Though calling it dancing would be a bit generous.

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^^ Seinfeld’s Elaine?

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I never saw the point in it.

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Yes… I wish I did it well. I love to watch talented dancers move and can’t sit still when music with a beat comes on. For me, dancing adds another dimension to the song

I have been exercising a fair amount recently and do it to music. Rather than doing the exercise I had planned I get carried away to start dancing around. side, tap, side, tap, side, tap.

When I saw this video, I’m Blue (Skip the first 30 seconds or so. It is just warm up.), I just had to learn how those “kids” did it. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying. Maybe I need lighted shoes….

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I like to dance, don’t have any particular style, and am pretty sure I look like an epileptic wading bird on the dance floor. Welcome back, Patty!

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I like to move it, move it.

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I like to move to the music. I doubt anyone would call it dancing.

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@smudges Pretty much. :P

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I love it and dance often, but I’m terrible-typical white girl with two left feet and a flat butt. :(
Mostly hip hop, but I took ballroom classes, of course. Also square dancing was taught in school, oddly.

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I love it.

No competitions so no awards.

A new ballet class is starting near me in March. I can’t wait.

I freestyle dance to American and Latin American music. I can salsa, merengue, cha cha, lambada, but I’m not great a couple up, it’s more freestyle. The American music is from many different decades and also I love a good Eurobeat club music set. I go out dancing about 4 times a month.

I teach and attend zumba.

I folk dance, mostly Israeli, Greek, and Eastern European. I’m actually in a folk dancing performance group, we perform at festivals and for clubs, like the Greek Club, Travel Club, Hungarian Club, Jewish Clubs, etc.

I’m not very fond of line dancing, but I do a little bit of it.

@KNOWITALL I had square dancing in school. I think a lot of Americans do. Or, they did anyway, I don’t know now.

@filmfann One of the performers in my folk dancing troupe is deaf.

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I remember taking square dancing in school – I think it was taught in gym for part of the year, oddly enough. I loved it, but no way would I admit it. I grumbled just like everyone else.

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There’s this guy we are friends with who dances like Elaine on Seinfeld. He comes to zumba class, and the other night I saw him out. I knew his wife was out of town so I waved at him to come sit by me and some other friends I had spotted. I danced with him. He doesn’t have rhythm, and you would think he’s in a martial arts class. Lol. I don’t mind at all. Another friend of mine couldn’t believe I danced with him, she has seen him at zumba and out dancing. I think she has it all wrong, I’ll freestyle dance with anyone I know who enjoys dancing. As long as they aren’t trying to grab me or be inappropriate in some way.

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I like to dance in the style like they did on the old TV show, “American Bandstand “. My wife and I have a set of moves from the olden days that we do to about any kind of music. 1, 2, 3 spin, twirl and I don’t have names for the rest of the moves. Fun stuff.

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@JLeslie That’s too funny! Good for you! I agree. If someone I’m dancing with is dancing -you call it freestyle which is much more complimentary than me calling it goofy – I’ll join them. It’s just fun to move to the music. Do what your body feels.

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@gondwanalon Loved Bandstand!

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Yep…....yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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I like to dance, can’t say any particular styles but except for slow dancing (which is super easy) but if I’m at the gym I like to “dance” on the treadmill. Most people probably think I’m having a stroke. I pretend to mimic the movements of the people in the videos I’m watching.

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Yes and love it. I have won limbo contests but never put myself into any other style contest.
It’s all a good reason to move my body. I just finished 4 days of dancing on the snow on my skis.

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@Forever_Free Cool, that must take some real technique to do? Only thing I could do on skis is fall.

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^^make sure it is fresh powder. Then break out the snow angel move!

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We did this in my high school gym class.
We did some square dancing in grade school. It was for our Christmas performances. The teacher called it the dancing cranberries. We all had to wear huge, red, tissue paper bow ties.
One boy had to get special permission from his church, because they believe dance is a sin.
I learned how to do some disco dancing, and some of the stuff seen in the movie dirty dancing.

@JLeslie, I too would (when I still could) dance with any partner enthused about hitting the floor.

Housekeeping is much more difficult now, without dancing. 8—)

This is turning out to be a fun thread. I’m glad I asked.

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^^ Wow, that’s aerobic!

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No. Very no. I feel incredibly uncoordinated and self-conscious when I dance, and so I never do. I suspect I’m not actually as bad as i think. I’ve had some people say so. I’m not sure whether they were saying that just to be nice, but I FEEL like Elaine Benis when I dance. if you don’t get that reference then….

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I love dancing—used to love dance clubs and country dance bars and spent hours there not drinking, not under the influence, just dancing. My mom put me in dance school when I was 3 to help me regain the balance I lost when I had meningitis, and I stayed in dancing until I was about 24—ballet, tap, jazz, baton, early hip hop, contemporary, even did cheerleading.

This sounds terrible… but I, unfortunately, had partners who didn’t like dancing, so the interest faded.

One of my former students was on Dancing With the Stars last fall and talking with him weekly about his routines and performances got me going again. Been looking to get back into it! I need oil for them ol’ joints, though.

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^^ Very cool Mom!! Such a fun way to regain balance.

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What’s up Patty!

I don’t like dancing….

But. My body loves it…

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I used to do ballroom dancing. Kind of fell by the wayside after I moved from S. Cal.

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