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What confuses you the most about people?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) March 17th, 2023

One thing that gets me is that they can see a flaw in you but can’t see that exact same flaw in themselves.

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When they refuse to admit that a politician generally on the other side from them had a good idea that worked. Democrats and Republicans are equally as guilty of doing stuff like this. Not all, of course, but many nonetheless.

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Unibrows. I mean, you can see that in the mirror, right?!

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Them being confused about me

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People being mean to others. I get that they are angry about something in their life but why take it out on innocent people?

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That they love to dictate other people how they should live their life, but get pissed off and angry when people do it to them. “We support small government and individual liberty. But we can’t allow women to control their own body.” “Don’t tell me how many guns I can own!” “If you don’t believe in God you’re a hell bound heathen”. “If you believe in a god, you’re and uneducated moron”. I wish people would just shut the fuck up and mind their own.

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@Jonsblond Because they are mean people and they have no empathy towards others. Low self esteem and possibly some mental problem or issues they are unable to deal with.

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People who enjoy destroying things for fun. Not even in anger, but for fun. I’m not on board with it in anger either, but that is more understandable.

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How extreme they can be, generally speaking, from one point to the opposite without any consideration at all of what could be in the middle. I call people like this “two dimensional.” It could also be called “mob mentality.”

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What confuses me is how people you meet in the street who are almost always polite and friendly and helpful can go home to write vitriolic and hateful bile online.

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When they vote for a douchebag like trump for President. I see a douchebag, they see a US President. Really bizarre! So I couldn’t help but wonder if they really do see themselves in trump, who is a douchebag. Is grandma a douchebag? Lol

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^^ Agree!

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How illogical they can be.

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When their vibe changes without knowing why.

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I don’t understand why people post on social media, the most mundane things about their lives. Pet photos, baby photos, child photos, I can understand. Vacation photos I can understand, Something special, like someone gave you beautiful flowers or here’s my Christmas tree or look at the cake I made, or a special restaurant meal, I can understand.

This is what I’m having for breakfast, I can’t understand. I’m going to the laundromat now I can’t understand. Such mundane things.

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@jca2 Social media is problematic for a number of reasons. That said, I do think that mundane posts are more telling than just posting those picture perfect moments.

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That everyone looks different.

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Lack of maturity.
No command of native language.
Following blindly.
Belief that being with the majority equates to being on the right side
Addiction to screens and social media.

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How hard it seems to be for them to think for themselves.

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Following “trends”, like fashions, home decor, entertainment, values.

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