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How tall are you?

Asked by canidmajor (20656points) 2 months ago

An innocuous question, on the face of it, but so many people tend to “not quite truth” about it, that I wonder why. “Lie” sounds too harsh for this.

I have shrunk from 5’1½” down to a pretty even 5’, which is a pain as now there is even more stuff I can’t reach, but not being honest about it would seem silly to me.

Are you on dating sites? Do you embellish a bit on job applications?

Just curious here.

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I’ve probably shrunk some. I haven’t measured in so long I can’t remember the last time. It’s been decades since I checked.

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I’m 5’2. I haven’t checked for a long time either, so I might have shrunk. Not on any dating sites.

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5’10” I’m average. Not on any dating sites, already hitched. I don’t embellish anything on applications either.

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I’m 5 foot 9. I’m not on dating sites.

I noticed at work, sometimes men would often make their height taller than they were. They’ll tell me they were 5 foot 10 or 11 and we’d stand next to each other and they’d barely be my height. It was funny.

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I am 5’ 7¾”. I used to be 5’ 8½”. I have not changed the height on my driver’s license in the 51 years since I first got it. And I have left it at 5’8” on dating sites.

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1.94 m

2.11 m with heels.

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201 barleycorn

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I’m 5’ 11”. It’s the perfect height. Not too tall and not too short.

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5’5” I“ve never cared enough to lie about that.

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I’m sorry. I ignored the question about being on dating sites. I’m on all of them: Grindr, Adam4Adam, Scruff, Tinder, eHarmony, Match, Hinge, and 9Monsters. I think I’ve been honest about my height on them. I can’t exactly remember.

Never ask me my weight.

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5’ 1 and ¼” but I may have shrunk even lower than that. My height is the least interesting part of me – I would never lie about it.

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A recently divorced friend of mine does online dating and a few years ago, she met a guy who told her he was 5 foot 8 and he was really about 5 foot 6. She said the first thing she said to him when they both saw each other was “you lied about your height.” She was really annoyed and never saw him after that. Her description of the rest of their night didn’t seem so bad but she said she’s into tall guys and she was really miffed that he gave an inaccurate description of his height.

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I was 5’ 2¾” but said 5’ 3” because it was easier to say. I’m a person who likes to round up or down.

I’m now 5’ 2½” I think. I know I’m shorter than I was. I’m getting to the point where I’ll say I’m 5’ 2”.

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I generally say I’m 5’10”. Buuuut, it’s not perfectly true. Last time I measured in (which was awhile ago now) I was more like 5’9” ½. So I am rounding up a bit…but just a bit.

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6 foot, no, and no.

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I have known a number of men (only one woman) who have lied about their height while standing in front of me. I am not blind, and some guy telling me he is 5’9”, when he’s visibly not seems like such a bizarre thing.
I asked about dating sites because I have heard that they to be a prime place for embellishing up a bit, and I always wonder why, when the ultimate goal is to meet in person.

And honestly, the half inch isn’t what I meant.

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You trying to size me up?
I am not on any dating sites because there are far too many messages coming in to keep up with. I have never embellished anything on a job or any other application. Who am I George Santos? lol

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@canidmajor You did mention the half inch first for yourself. ;)

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Yes, I did. Then I mentioned that it didn’t really matter.

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I’m 6 feet tall and I am not on any dating sites. When I was, I was honest about my height, it wouldn’t have made any sense to be otherwise.

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5 8 now down to 5 7. No dating sites. Rick would throw a fit.

My ex used to insist he was 6 3. I knew damn good and well he was 6 even. After years of this bizarre claim I finally got him to measure himself. 6 even. He was really mad at me for that.

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I was 6’ tall for decades. Oddly, my last couple trips to the doctor I have actually grown and am 6’1”. No, no dating sites and I don’t embellish on resumes or in job interviews.

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I’m 5’ 5” but I wish I was a little bit taller. I would never lie about stuff on an application, they could look that up too easy.
My mom would kill me if I was on a dating site. yikes I wouldn’t even know what to do on one.

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