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Is it really cheaper to buy a whole uncut salmon than packages of boneless cut pieces?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28252points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Kinda silly to ask but noticed that a package of cut pieces cost 13 bucks a pound and in another grocery a whole uncut salmon cost 9 bucks a pound. And they fillet for free. Does the weight of salmon head and bones matter? Thanks.

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The work of cleaning a fish is significant. Even de-boning it is.

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Ask Napoleon – he was good at pulling the bone apart.

Seriously: Some people eat salmon (or other fish) heads; it is seen as a delicacy in some cultures. So it has value for those people, even though I don’t care for fish heads.

What’s your relationship with costco? They often have salmon (and other fish) – they have fileted them and removed the heads, but the filet is huge and thick – maybe 12–15 inches long. You can slide to your desired size (I usually but it into threes and freeze two of them).

I have no interest in learning how to filet.

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@elbanditoroso According to Google entry two days ago…

“Salmon At Costco, it will cost you about $16.16 a pound for Kirkland Signature Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon Fillet, whereas it’s only $9.99 a pound for Farm Raised Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets at Ralphs.”

Not sure why it’s even more expensive than packaged deboned salmon at Whole Foods. If indeed Google is accurate.

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We don’t have Ralph’s here, so that’s not a relevant comparison for me.

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I looked at a Costco group I’m in on FB, and the package in Costco is labeled “Fresh Wild King Salmon” so maybe that’s why.

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