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If trump does end up going to prison, what happens to his secret service agents?

Asked by chyna (50810points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Do they go, too? Is it all null and void if an ex president goes to jail?
Things I ponder.

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1) I will bet the Stormy Daniels case does not end up with prison time. The election interference and classified cases are more likely.

2) I will bet they work out some kind of house arrest arrangement that he has to be in a non-entertaining room or something. I doubt he goes to federal P.M.I.T.A. prison (as the Office Space guys would say).

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They probably get reassigned to someone else. I really doubt that the Great Pumpkin will serve any time. He’s to big to fail and too rich. He’ll work out some shifty white rich entitled BS deal and be laughing at all of us.

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They go back to the main office for redeployment. The prison guards take their place. BTW, Trump would not go to a maximum security prison, which would be too much of a danger to him.

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He will end up at Club Fed if he goes to jail, but he probably won’t. If he does, the Secret Service will get lots of overtime.

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They work for the government, they’ll be reassigned. They don’t work for him personally.

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Some really good answers on your question, too.
Maybe this situation will have whoever makes the laws regarding security for ex presidents revisit this law. They should have an addendum to say “there shall be no secret security detail on any ex president that serves time in any penal institution.”

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I’d be shocked if he gets anything beyond house arrest.

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@gorillapaws Yes, though my memory is we also had a very similar question within the last year or so, and I think I remember finding an article or two which also went into this question, and that the answer was that there would likely still be at least one agent guard assigned, but he’d just be hanging out in the general vicinity, not actually in the detention location with Trump.

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