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How many people live in Canada?

Asked by flutherother (34090points) 2 months ago

Can you estimate the number without looking it up.

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Nope. Nor can I keep a handle on other countries population statistics.

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200 million?

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I’m guessing….75 milliion? 100 million? US is 330 million last I looked, so I’m trying to scale down from that.

Note that as the movie Canadian Bacon pointed out, the Canadians have massed most of their population on the border in preparation for an invasion. Gotta watch those people. They lull you into complacency with their adorable pronunciation of the letter ‘O’, but they’re coming for you! :)

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I guessed 35 million, looked up after the guess. . . .

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I guess, 50 million. If you call that living…

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My guess was 6 million, way too low. I was thinking of a low number because I know much of Canada is mountainous, forest, lakes and uninhabited in the northern parts. If you look at the map of northern Canada, it’s half lakes. Probably incredibly gorgeous in the summer, totally frigid and tundra in winter.

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Far less than in the USA.

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Just under 37 million and I live here.
And now I looked it up 38.25 million.

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@SQUEEKY2 You were in the news. You got a million new Canadians in the last year.

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Hey don’t look at me, I keep it in my pants!

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35 million about. Is usually a tenth of the USA. The debt is a tenth too.

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I asked the question as Canada’s population is about twice what I thought it was at almost 40 million. The population increased by one million last year alone mainly due to immigration which is encouraged by the Canadian government.

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Gosh, I was waaaay off :(

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I was going to guess a little less than 40 million, or about the same as California.

With an area of almost 4 million square miles, Canada’s the second largest country in the world.

However, most of the population lives between the US border and the approximate latitude of Calgary, Alberta (52º).

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Well now, I don’t rightly know.

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