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Do you ever hear "pocketbook" anymore, meaning a woman's purse or handbag?

Asked by Jeruba (55315points) 1 month ago

If so or if not, what’s your general geographic area or location?

I haven’t heard the term “pocketbook” used in years, but I don’t know if that’s a matter of time (passage of decades) or space (East Coast vs. West).

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I still say it sometimes. I think mostly older people from the northeast say it, but maybe it’s still common among all ages in that part of the country?

I remember when I moved to Maryland from New York in the late 1970’s and I thought it was so weird that in Maryland they called a pocketbook a purse. At that time a purse, how I defined it, was more like a wallet, but now I mostly use the word purse for my pocketbook. I use purse, pocketbook, and handbag interchangeably. They all sound normal to me.

I’m in Florida so I hear everything, because the whole country is in Florida. Some words people adjust to the local, like mostly people say soda not pop, but something like pocketbook I haven’t noticed it.

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I still refer to my wife’s little wallet as a pocketbook. She just uses it for credit cards and her lipstick and rouge thing. Whatever you call that stuff they put on their face. We’re in Texas.

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Well, yeah, that’s what it is. America midwest.

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Only on Judge Judy.

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No, I never hear it. I’m in Hawaii.

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I’m in NY and we say pocketbook or handbag.

The NY Times had an interactive quiz a few years ago, that asked a bunch of questions about what you call certain items and it pinpointed where you were from by the terms you used. Handbag/pocketbook was one. A long sandwich was another (hoagie, wedge, sub). Sneakers/trainers/track shoes were another. I would link the quiz but I am not sure if there’s a paywall. I took it and it pinpointed very accurately where I was from.

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I still say it and hear it here in the Northeast. Pocketbook or handbag, occasionally someone says purse.

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@jca2 Do you think of a purse as a change/coin purse not a handbag?

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I always thought of purse like a little coin purse, but I do hear people say it occasionally. I linked the quiz above.

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Not that I remember, but I also don’t hear many references to them. Usually it’s purse or bag.

“Pocketbook” sounds like a familiar word, that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear, but that I didn’t really know specifically what it referred to, other than some sort of book that goes in a pocket. Before you wrote what it meant (and when I’d only read the question title), I thought it meant a ledger or address book kept in a pocket or purse. Or maybe a notebook.

I’m on the West Coast.

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I use the term purse or clutch, and East Coast.

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I just took the quiz and I received an error. I don’t know if it’s just having a tech glitch, or if my answers were confusing. Several questions I had multiple answers, but had to pick one. I could answer all NY, mostly I use NY terms anyway.

One of my first Q’s that I asked on fluther was about different names for the same thing and how it varies by region or country. It’s still one of my favorite Q’s.

I thought I would note that most department stores call that area of the store the handbag department.

@Dig_Dug Clutch to me is very specifically a handbag without a shoulder, arm, or hand strap. A clutch can have a wrist strap, but often doesn’t.

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Long Long time ago.
“Your pocketbook is in the glove compartment.”

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I’m in Midwest. I think of a woman’s wallet as a pocketbook. Anything larger is as a clutch, purse, or handbag. I does seem like a an old-fashioned term now.

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I’m in the UK and I never heard “pocketbook” to mean a woman’s purse or handbag.

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@JLeslie I agree about a clutch being a specific type of handbag, one without handles or a strap. A clutch is often something one would wear to a fancy event, like a gala, because they’re not large bags that can hold a lot, really just a phone, lipstick, some cash and credit cards. When wearing a fancy gown, it’s nicer to have a clutch than to have a bulky handbag/pocketbook with a strap. A clutch is small and usualy elegant.

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@jca2 I’m small and usually elegant. ;)

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I always have and always do use the word “pocketbook.” To me, a “purse” is a small item that holds change.

Northeasterner, for my entire life thus far.

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That was the pangram for NYT’s “Spelling Bee” puzzle today. Is that what prompted this question?

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I don’t think I hear “pocketbook” much anymore, but I did in a younger day. “Purse” is the standard here, “handbag” really only in books.

Northeast US

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Here’s that old Q with different words from different regions if anyone is interested.

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I carried a purse until I decided not to in 2016. I carry everything important in my cell phone case. I could consider that a pocketbook.

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@Zissou, yup. I wondered if someone would catch that. I tackle it at midnight (PDT) every night, when the new one is posted.

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I still hear pocketbook. Purse is far more typical though. When I have ran security before at different places, men get wanded and frisked, women get wanded and purse searched. All bookbags, napsacks, backpacks too.
Southeast coast…

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@SnipSnip Everyone here (NY Metro area) still uses a handbag/pocketbook. For me, personally, I don’t think my phone, wallet, keys and everything else would fit in my pockets. My phone might, but my wallet is definitely too big and if I didn’t carry a wallet, my cash and credit cards would probably migrate out of my pockets and get lost. I have another little carrier thing in the pocketbook/handbag which has more cards in it (license, registration, insurance cards, some gift cards, etc.) and I also carry lipstick, a pen, other stuff that definitely is not fitting in pocket(s).

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@jca2 Plus, tampons and pads. I don’t have to deal with that anymore thank goodness.

Not to mention many moms have all sorts of stuff in their pocketbooks for the family.

Not needing a purse is like going into a bathroom and there’s no trash can. Obviously, no women between the ages of 16 and 45 living there.

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I hear it occasionally. Usually from older generations. I’m in California.

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Me and my mom say purse, my grandma says pocketbook.

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@jca2 I hear you. I most often have my purse in the trunk because I keep so much good stuff in it. But I do not “carry” a purse ever. All we wear down here is capris and tshirts. Today field capris are most popular because they have deep pockets plus a button-up pocket on the leg. Denim shirts with button breast pockets are worn a lot as well. Pockets galore if you dress right. :)

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Y’all load yourselves up like kangaroos!

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