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Should Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas step down or be removed from office?

Asked by jca2 (15750points) April 7th, 2023

For over 20 years, US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has received gifts of luxury vacations from a Republican donor.

Should he step down or be removed from office?


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Either one works for me.

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YES! Or perhaps impeached would be more fitting!

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Send him to Tennessee. They will just vote him out!

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Neither. Even with the recent discosure update in March, it’s still not required to disclose it. As long as they have no business in his court, he’s done nothing wrong.
I’m not a big fan of his but if it’s not illegal, it’s just not.

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It is not illegal to receive gifts from people not directly benefiting from a court decision. Thomas did fail to disclose the gifts, which he was required to do according to a law passed after Watergate., He should be made to pay any associated fines. I don’t see what he did as being an impeachable offense.

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I think we should have sympathy for a black man born in a different time, when you had to probably kiss a white man’s butt to get anywhere in life. Years of code switching and pretending to be like his peers so he’d fit in.

He’s been brainwashed by decades of “I like you because you’re not like other blacks…”.

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It may not be illegal, but it sure is improper.

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According to this petition you can sign to have him impeached for it , it may have been illegal, as most Federal judges are required to disclose all gifts.

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I’m a big fan of the idea that the SCOTUS has to abide by ethics rules. But in this case, I’m not sure there was any violation.

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Of course not.

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Thomas and his wife are shameless douchebags. A couple drunk with power believing they are both untouchable. And they would be right. They could clearly see how trump fanatics worship their clown-leader.

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Yes. He shouldn’t be there. But not for doing something that they all likely do, just haven’t been caught doing.

None of the current judges are impartial, or unbiased.
It’s a fucking joke that such an important job, is held by clear representatives of left or right.
Only judges that don’t lean, should even be there. Finding nine people like that for the job is unfathomable, I guess…

As always. I hate our systemwide failure of a government.

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@MrGrimm888 I find it interesting how the SCOTUS rules on things. As much as the press paints it as partisan behavior, the SCOTUS justices often rule outside their own “side”. They’ve done this for years. Even some of the ones I have railed against for not recusing themselves (Ginsburg, Kagan) when they committed obvious ethics violations, did not always decide on only one viewpoint.

The Justices are supposed to rule on the Constitutionality of topics, not the social aspect of them. The rub sometimes comes because of how they interpret the Constitution.

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^ History would find your views mostly correct. I don’t disagree.

I do have a major problem with someone in that position, and it is quite a unique position, wearing a red or blue jersey. The only jersey they should be wearing is a grey one. “The Beauty of Grey,” is a concept (and a song,) that is alien to too many people in positions of power or elsewhere. “This is not, a black and white world. To be alive the colors must swirl.”

Let’s just look at what the word judge means. What does it mean to sit in judgment of others?
It’s really not the right of any of us, as a single person to be relied on to be a perfectly calibrated scale.

And. With due respect, we both know that SCOTUS judges are picked precisely because of their jersey color. Dem POTUSes (don’t know how to write that word, if it is a word,) only insert left leaning judges. Rep POTUSes, only right leaning one’s. (When seats are open.)

And that’s another thing, altogether. This is what drives me crazy. The SCOTUS judges are arguably the most important parts of the US government. More powerful than the POTUS. Worse. They have a lifelong term.What kind of bullshit is that?
Why on Earth would such important jobs be appointed by others who are also biased? SCOTUS judges should at least be elected, not appointed, and term limits should be worked in immediately. The framework of our “democracy,” is systematically flawed. It’s too malleable. Politicians and their sponsors, bend or break all of the rules. From the ground up, the US constitution is a beautiful dream. But it’s really a nightmare…..

The difference between me and the left or right media, is that I’m on neither side. Not neutral. Opposed to the concept that people in power would simply do what’s right, because of the ridiculous notion that politicians are people of integrity.
Seeing the reality of this fools game is not even funny to me. People think they have power in this “democracy.” Those sheeople, I suppose play this game because the obvious reality is that they/we are all being used. The government is run by an army of self riotous, self-serving, manipulative, morally twisted, ethically bankrupt, shameless, wannabe demagogues.

Sitting here debating who should or shouldn’t be this or should be that, of the handful of scum “we the people” have to choose from, is just proof that people would rather be willfully obtuse than admit their impotence and lack of control of their lives…
Picking sides means one is a willing participant, in their own subjugation, and oppression…

The state of the US government at this point, is embarrassing. Is it not?
The state of the US population is pathetic. Weak minded crowds of cattle sloshing back and forth. This melting pot, about to burst at the seems, rather than cook something the world has NEVER seen.
A true democracy.
Ran by the people. For the people. By people of true character, action, and sobering accountability.
Until that day. All of these judges. I have a suggestion for where they can shove their gavels. But there wouldn’t be room, because they’re heads are up their asses (that’sa fucking wordi can spell.)..

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@MrGrimm888 You drifted a bit off topic, but you are forgiven. I don’t disagree with you on very much in what you have said. A couple specific points that hurt your views though. The first is that we are not now, nor was our country set up to be, a true democracy. A True democracy would be as completely unwieldy as a completely communistic society. In a true democracy, every decision would have to be voted on. AND we wouldn’t have any Congress at all.

We are a democratic republic. We elect officials that are supposed to represent our voice in the federal (or even state) legislature. That is bad enough when it comes to screwing things up. But consider for a moment what your proposal is. As you accurately described, we have a society filled with sheeple that wander through life being turned this way and that through whatever manipulation seems to work. Would you really want every single decision to be voted on by people like this? Imagine how screwed up the country could be then!

If you really want to change things in this country…correct some of the errors inherent in the system…you have to apply some common sense. Do away with PACs, SuperPACs, dark money, and lobbyists. The people that are elected to office are supposed to represent the people of their states. Why should people from other areas be allowed to be input into their elections? Reduce the amount any person can spend on campaigning down to the amount they could make in salary for the term of the office to which they are running. When someone is spending a million dollars to obtain an office that will pay them $175k for 4 years ($700k), they are doing so because they know they can sell influence or use insider knowledge to enrich themselves. Limit terms to 2 for senators and 3 for representatives. And once your term is up, you can no longer serve in the government in any elected capacity. That way you minimize the amount of long term corruption that can go on.

There are dozens of things that could be done to clean up the system…to make it work as it was intended: Of the people, for the people, and by the people.

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^I think we could settle on the idea that changes are absolutely necessary, to see anything different than the SNAFU we currently have.
However. I’m afraid I don’t share your patience, in trying to simply make adjustments to the current system. I would see it completely scrapped, and a new constitution constructed with it’s authors elected and then a final version voted on for confirmation.
Then. Put a time limit on the new constitution, and repeat the process every x amount of years. New authors elected again. Changes made again with the original framework, but modified. Confirmed by the voters again. And open for change at any incremental constitutional time limit.
In other words. Nothing written in stone. Or the result will ALWAYS be the same. Criminals finding loopholes to circumvent the system’s manipulation/corruption defenses.
Sweeping changes in the entire structure of the government. From bumper to bumper.

Sounds crazy right? But. Why?

That is how EVERY designed mechanism in human history works. Governments are just an intangible mechanism. With mechanical engineering and workings.
We aren’t driving Model-T cars still. Why? Because they are obsolete. Same as the constitution.

I know. My loosely sculpted idea is unrealistic, maybe unreasonable to some. But right now, all our government’s efforts are involved in a partisan war of attrition. And it’s getting worse by the day. The precedent has been set now, that each party will simply try to get each other fired and/or imprisoned at every. Each POTUS will be hamstrung by the opposing party. Each POTUS put on trial when they leave office. If they aren’t impeached first. And there is usually a reason that makes prosecution of these people realistic. They are all fucking criminals.
When they aren’t stealing our money outright, they are wasting it by constantly trying to use the law to unseat legally elected officials. When they aren’t fucking us face to face, they’re busy behind the scenes constantly working to take power away from voters on each side.
I coul go on and on. But. It’s Sunday.
In the process of my diatribe, I have lost the wind in my own sails…
Sorry for wasting your time Wulf. I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired about the ludicrous state of things. So many of us citizens bust our asses to try to get ahead. All of us know we’d be fired if we ran our lives like the US government runs this country. But it will never change.

Happy Easter Wulf.

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@MrGrimm888 The problem with scrapping the Constitution we have and starting new is one simple question: Who is honest enough and has enough wit to create something better? Can’t trust it to the current batch of slime. Hell, I doubt this country could get together enough to actually nominate a group of 10 people to draft something. They have a hard time confirming a nomination.

But take that thought one extra step: Let’s say we managed to get someone to draft a replacement. Who decides on whether it is good or not? Put it to a vote? Popular vote? Our current Constitution is what…about 4 pages in length? Add the Bill of Rights and the other Amendments and you have something that is probably 35 pages, all in? Imagine a politician today trying to come up with the framework of the country in under 50 pages. They could not do it. The table of contents for the Affordable Care Act was 18 pages long.

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^I get it. The reality of the situation is frustrating. No realistic solution…

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^^That’s why I look at what is broken now and try to fix it. The Constitution is probably one of the best guiding documents ever written. The problem is that it was based on a time when people believed in earning what they got and didn’t want to give the government control over their lives in exchange for freebies…freebies that will only last until the economy tanks.

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^The founding fathers’ biggest mistake was assuming that future leaders would be patriotic, honest people who would be better than the ones we declared independence from…

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^I believe they even assumed the leaders could get out of control. That is why they tried making the federal government to be limited. It is easier to replace a bad leader at the state level, not so much at the federal level. They also created the three branches of government so that there were some checks and balances.

What I think they couldn’t fathom was why people would clamor to give up their rights and try to make people rule over them.

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^The supreme court is the only court created by the constitution. Congress was charged with creating any other courts it deemed necessary.

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