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Will Sarah Pallin keep her word and cooperate with the legislative troopergate investigation?

Asked by eyeguy (25points) September 22nd, 2008

Will she just stall until after the election? Keep in mind this is the same person who called for Ted Stevens to explain to the public why he was being investigated after the FBI raid on his house.

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I find it incredible that all these people have been subpeoned and are refusing to testify! Makes me crazy.

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I asked an attorney once what would happen to me if I just ignored a subpoena. I was told a judge would find me (or was it fine me?) in contempt and I would be arrested and cuffed. I wonder if there is some different legal status for the legislature than for a circuit judge. Any attorneys out there?

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@augustlan: They have executive privilege!

In all seriousness, they won’t be held accountable without a pretty significant effort that could have lots of political fallout and further polarize the country, which, as far as I know, is Nancy Pelosi’s argument for not going through the impeachment process for the President.

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I hate politics…..

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No, she’s already showing that she has no interest in co-operating.

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I feel so betrayed

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