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I find it very difficult to listen to people like George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, or Sarah Palin, can you?

Asked by Ron_C (14465points) April 16th, 2010

I would get a cringing feeling when George Bush (Jr.) would talk. I felt embarrassed because he was likely to butcher the English language. Sarah Palin has this screeching voice and level of ignorance that puts me on edge. Limbaugh is so arrogant that he is likely to say things that just piss me off. None of the above seem to care about facts and rely on the stupidity and gullibility of their audience. I actually feel pain and nausea when the speak.

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Sigh. I have a really hard time. Sometimes I can read it easier than listen to it. One has to have contact with some of it to know what the other side is saying and doing, but it is very hard.

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Why do you listen?

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I probably could listen to them if someone paid me enough to do so. As it is now, I have much more important things to do than listen to any of those mental midgets. Like watching paint dry…..a much more stimulating activity.

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I’m not a fan of any of the three people you mentioned, but I can tolerate them all a whole lot more than I can tolerate Glenn Beck. <shudders>

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Honestly I’m not very fond of these people so I don’t listen to them.

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Lmao…..Don’t we all….....I know it hurts….I think this is why chemists have created aspirin.

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@Blackberry Aspirin is a natural compound, not made by chemists, but I still catch your drift. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Oh really? Interesting, I did not know that. Thanks :)

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@Blackberry Derived from willow bark.

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Yes but not without roflmao.

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@Blackberry Actually, I slightly mis-spoke. The major component of aspirin, salicylic acid is a natural compound. It’s derived from willow bark, as @marinelife stated.

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I have a low tolerance for most politicians.
I am an Independent. I strongly dislike all extremist on both sides.
Bush is truly disgusting, so is Limbaugh,Palin and Pelosi.
All these idiots set off my truth detector.
I stop listening to Bush he was the worst President in my lifetime .
I am not crazy about Obama. I wanted Hillary.
I wanted an economy like we had in the 1990’s.

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Rush I can ignore because he’s an entertainer. He does not say real things. Same with Glenn Beck.

Bush was President. I didn’t care for him and he made some groaners, but paying attention to him was part of what I did to be a well-informed citizen.

Palin is hard to listen to and I pay attention only so I can find the most idiotic things to point out to her supporters in hopes that they’ll think more critically about their support. If (heaven forbid) she becomes something more than a half-term governor and a Fox talking head, I would pay attention for much the same reason as I did to Bush. Perish the day.

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I agree.
Having Palin represent Women is being represented by a moron.
I could go on about this but maybe I shouldn’t.
I will say when I was a teen my Mother new what I was doing.
She worked full time but she new all my friends and boyfriends.

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Honestly the only one that infuriated me to where I could no longer stand to hear his voice was Limbaugh. I remember the day it happened, the day I would never listen to a word he said again. It was the day he made fun of Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea for being ugly when she was still in an awkward early teen phase. In my book, mocking a child that way is abusive and uncalled for. I am not very political, but I am very very passionate about protecting people’s children. I also became furious at people who attacked Pallin’s children so a few Dems got on my puke list too. Children are children and should be protected. That is a place the devil himself shouldn’t go, at least while I’m around. I will not listen to anyone who trashes and verbally attacks people’s children no matter WHAT their political leanings. I was open to listening to what the dude had to say until that day, then never again.

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Yes, for exactly the reasons you stated, @Ron_C.

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I would also cringe when listening to Bush 43 misspeak. It was so embarassing that this guy was president. I truly believe that he is mildly retarded.

Listening to Rush is just like one of your coworkers, who doesn’t believe a word he is saying, but is trying his best to piss you off. If you know that is his goal, you can easily ignore him and dismiss him.

Listening to Caribou Barbie is fun. It’s like a childs game of catch the mistakes.

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I know exactly what you mean. I used to periodically listen to Bill O’Reilly for many years because he at least had some independent and original thoughts from time to time.

But the day he made the ignorant comments about the Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping is the last day I ever tuned into him.

This was the case where they found one kidnap victim only to discover another who had been taken several years prior.

That was Shawn and just one look at him as the police brought him back to his parents and you realized that this was one scared and meek child, completely cowed by his abductor.

It later emerged that over the years there were times when, out in public, that he (theoretically) could have yelled for help or escaped, but he didn’t. Obviously the scum who abducted him threatened and subdued him sufficiently mentally so that was not a realistic possibility.

Mr. Pontificator, Billo opined that it was because the guy bought him a nice video game system and he didn’t have to go to school as he would have if he were with his parents.

I could hardly believe my ears. He completely trivialized this child’s horrendous ordeal.

He said that if anyone had attempted to kidnap and keep him as a child, he would have fought tooth and nail, bla bla bla.

Granted, O’Reilly was the type of S.O.B. kid who would give anybody a swift kick in the nuts with little provocation and any would-be abductor would have been glad to be rid of him, but very few kids are like that.

It only took one look at this poor kid to realize that he was the total opposite of a pr*ck like Billo so he gets accused of being selfish and valuuing video games more than being with his loving family.

That did it for me. I could no longer even stomach looking at O’Reilly much less listen to him, the epitome of ignorance and arrogance combined.

I’m just hoping that Shawn and his family were too busy reuniting to even be aware of that cruel diatribe.

That was quite a while ago and the memory of it still infuriates me.

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The only place I ever see Palin, Beck, Limbaugh or O’Reilly is when Jon Stewart pulls up coverage on them. I don’t mind listening then. I just can’t believe that people believe what comes out of their mouths.

I’m embarrassed to say that Ann Coulter is from my country and she was invited to speak at one of my city’s universities. Why? I have no idea.

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My soul dies a little each time I hear any of them speak. It’s not because I don’t agree with what they’re saying, it’s because they refuse to be honest, eschew learning anything and routinely lie for their own profit. It makes me physically ill and sick in the deepest regions of my soul.

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Strange, that’s exactly how I feel about Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid! ( Not really, but I wanted to make a point ). : P

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@CaptainHarley I’ll grant that on Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Joe Biden. Obama is gifted as a speaker.

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Because you’re laughing too hard? That happens to me, too.

I’m too young to take politics seriously.

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I agree your are funny too.

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I do not like most politicians but I do respect Bill Clinton.
LOL I don’t care who he slept with.
McCain slept around too.
All these politicians do.
I like Lou Dobbs.

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And I’M too old to like it either. All it does for me is piss me off! Heh!

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Gag X 3

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All three of them fly well beneath my radar these days.

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Well, the political powerheads are bobbleheads who try to read speeches and arent really intelligent enough to lead.

Rush has s sharp mind. But i would never listen.

I like new thinking… minded – positivity, for the most part

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I listed to Rush everyday, as well as Shawn Hanitty and Glen Beck…I always thank God for them being on the air.

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First of all, thank you all for answering my question. I suspected that a large number of people on Fluther had too much personal integrity to be fooled by those people, I didn’t realize that it was such a large majority. The only one that said anything good about these extremist talking heads was Roby and I suspect that he was being sarcastic.

In the days before XM, I would listen to a few minutes of Limbaugh while driving. He can make my blood boil and keep me from falling asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately too much Limbaugh cause road rage. I had to turn him off so that I wouldn’t kill the next person that cut me off in traffic.

There is a possibility that the faithful listeners of Palin, Limbaugh, Bush (I had forgotten about Coulter and Hannity) are on some right-wing blogs. There is also the possibility that the majority have trouble typing because the computer is “the devil’s device”. There literary skills are limited to writing threatening notes and racist signs. They also need time to iron their sheets, stockpile food, and hunting wolves for recreation.

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@Rob_C… just out of idle curiosity, why do you hate them so much? I mean really, why? It sounds almost as if you’d like to kill them.

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@CaptainHarley kill them? Heck no. I don’t like Bush because, I believe, that he is a sociopath and ignorant tool of the neocons. I don’t like Palin for close the the same reasons, additionally because she is in this debate strictly for the money. That’s why she quit being governor of Alaska. In addition to being stupid, she is aggressively greedy (and her screeching voice puts me on edge). I don’t like Limbaugh because of his arrogance, lack of reason, and willingness to incite listeners with nonsense for his own amusement. Besides being a pathological liar, I believe he is also a sociopath.

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If Bush reaped what he sowed he would die from an incurable disease as Regan did.
@CaptainHarley Nancy Regan has changed her mind about research only because her family was affected.
Families around the world are affected by diseases that have no cure every day.
Not helping people is immoral.
I could go on endlessly about my disrespect for Bush.
G-d will be his judge not me. I would not kill anyone.
I hope G-d exist because if he does the fascist will be punished.
G-d provides us with Science to help each other. Not helping is what is immoral.

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@Ron_C… So it’s only Republicans you can’t stand then, right?

@philosopher… “Not helping people is immoral?” Even when we use the cumpulsory tax dollars of others to do so? Isn’t taking people’s money immoral as well?

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@CaptainHarley no, I don’t like Harry Reid, Max Baucus, and I am sure others too. It just seems that the neo-cons have a monopoly on the really annoying and stupid comments. There are people like Ron Paul, and Allen Keynes that I enjoy listening to but with whom I disagree.

Maybe I am an elitist because I like intelligent speech.

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I pretty much dislike most Politicians.
I respected Lou Dobbs because he attempted to show both sides.
I believe in moderation,documentation and common sense.
I dislike the R and L extremes equally. There ideologies are unrealistic and do not serve Middle Class hard working people well.
Bush never served a day in the Military because of who he is. He Bullshitted about that too
My Brother In Laws family by marriage thinks they are above us all. They all go to Harvard because of who they are.
I went to city college and I am smarter. I could give you many examples.
People who work hard to succeed are smarter and make better leaders. People like Bill Clinton.
Bush is not very bright. He helped his friends and hurt America. I have a long list of things he did. He allowed china to obtain our Smart Bomb Technology.
The Iraq war was not necessary. We should have been in Afghanistan.
Like I said, may he reap what he has sown.
I am not a Republican or Democrat I find fault with both parties ideologies. For example
the Republicans are against research and the Democrats are not willing to put the terrorist in their appropriate place.

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@philosopher – which Bush do you say never served a day in the military? Bush the Elder served in WWII, Bush the Younger served in the National Guard.

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Bush junior.

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Bush 43 was in the National Guard, and went AWOL for a year and a half, when daddy Bush pulled strings to stop him from being imprisoned and court marshalled.

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Correct but we are not suppose to know.
I can not even dear say on line the people I know like that.
Money can buy almost anything in this world.
Unfortunately most of us are not born into it.

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If Bush had been a character on a comedy he’d have been the greatest comedy creation in the history of humankind….... sadly you guys elected him president…... twice.
Palin & Limbaugh are just pond life, the type of corrosive slime that make you embrased to be human.

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@JeffVader unfortunately, Bush dragged the comedy. on to the world state. I told a lot of people that I was Canadian. I will never forgive Bush for the 8 years of murder and embarassment.

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@Ron_C I have to agree….. the only way I can think of Bush & remain calm is as a figure of comedy & ridicule.

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@JeffVader Bush and I are about the same age. I intend to out live him and piss on his grave. I suggest a George W. Bush memorial should be something tasteful with a nice urinal incorporated into the design.

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@Ron_C What a wonderful idea…... his head could be the whole urinal, & you piss in his open mouth, which would activate a recording of one of his more stupid quotes!

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If we don’t find solutions soon Romey maybe worse.
He is another anti research fascist.

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@JeffVader good one! Not a pleasent picture though.

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We should learn from the past and attempt to build a better future.

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@philosopher when has this country ever learned from the past. They elected Bush twice. They had two depressions and finally corrected the situation after the last depression. They then, starting with Reagen started dismantling the regulations and laws that kept us from depression. Surprise, surprise, we almost had another depression after Bush worked on our remaining regulation. That is to say nothing about all of the unnecessary wars since WWII. Now the Texas school board is working on dumbing down most subjects to insure that the cancer of ignorance will spread to the rest of the country. I’m glad I’m old and won’t have to watch the country dump all that our parents gained with their blood and sacrifice. Shame on us all.

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I hope you are wrong.
I try to be positive. Despite that I have an Autistic Son and difficult life.
I want research.

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@philosopher I hope I’m wrong and wish you luck. If I had you children, I think I would be looking to emigrating. There is a lot of open land in Canada, Australia and New Zealand are very friendly places. They all have a National Health Service.

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