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Have you had a morning when you just couldn't wake up?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37525points) June 28th, 2023

Tea is not helping. I can’t shake this groggy feeling.

What about you? How are you? Are you wide eyed and bushy tailed?

For bonus points, do you know other euphemisms for mornings?

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Other euphemisms for morning? Goddammit, time to getup?

I’m draggy today. It’s very humid but more than that. I slept ok but I feel like if I lie down, I’ll sleep again.

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Yes, although that usually happens to me when I have somehow waked up earlier than usual, and my body can’t figure out what the heck is going on.

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Up with the birds.
I’m usually groggy until I hit the shower. But after that, I’m still not bushy tailed. :-)

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I am having a morning like that today. Was late getting to bed, and my girlfriend got home late, so I finally drifted off at about 11:30..

The alarm went off at 4 as usual, but I set it to snooze. I was trying to figure out why it went off when it occurred to me that I had to work today. Got up, but been sleepy all day. Time for another latte.

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Aliens are conquering us with somnolence. They win. I have been useless for days.

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I had them often few years back, but since I was addicted to energy drinks for last few years then it wasnt really a problem then

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Another early bird here. I bounce out of bed at 6a-6:30 and workout. Maybe you need to go to bed earlier or make some diet changes?
Here it’s bright eyed and bushy-tailed.
Early bird gets the worm.
Up with the chickens.
Early to bed, early to rise.
You can sleep when you’re dead.

People here tend to label you as lazy if you are in bed at 7am, plus chores and animals are waiting.

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@KNOWITALL I’m an early bird, too, 5:30 or 6 rising, but I have hard-to-get-going days. You are wildly fortunate if you never have a sloggy morning or are just low on energy from time to time. Appreciate it.

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@canidmajor I used to but since I went Paleo my energy level went thru the roof. I rarely even need an alarm clock now.

My mom and family hated to wake me up because I was always grumpy. Actually I asked for an alarm clock as a kid because my mom was such an annoyingly happy morning person. Runs in the family, too, as my grandfather said we need less sleep as we age.

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^^ We sleep less as we age. I’m not at all sure we don’t need it. ;D

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Yes. I’ve had days like yours, ever since grade 4.

A glass of water (or whatever you enjoy) , and a quick shower helps.
I am usually fine after I get out of my bedroom.

When I was living with my grandpa, he would make me a delicious breakfast, and I looked forward to waking up.

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I’m an early bird. I wake up quickly and usually in a good mood. There is so much to do first thing in the morning. The brds need to be fed: jelly for the orioles, seeds for the feeder birds, meal worms for the bluebirds, suet for the woodpeckers… My pond fish are waiting anxiously for me to wash off the bug zapper so they can enjoy fresh catch. So many lives depend upon me. I can’t stay in bed.

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I often wake up in the middle of the night and may be awake for hours, sometimes until the sun comes up. When I was working, it really sucked a lot of days because I’d be going back to sleep when it was time to wake up, and then I’d be really tired. Now that I’m not working, I can usually sleep till whenever I want unless I have an appointment somewhere. I am not too late of a sleeper – if I sleep till 8 that is late for me.

Coffee is my friend in the morning, no matter what time I wake up. Lots of coffee and a shower is really helpful.

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Yes, of course. One of the great things about retirement is that when I feel that way, I just go back to sleep. I am a slow starter anyway and it was hard the last few years of working with the company and being expected to be in the office by 8:30. I retired young and continue to work independently when I want…...but never at 8:30 AM.

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Now that I’m retired, I sleep so much better than I used to. I am considering a part time job, and the sleep issue is a real biggie for me. The thought of those mornings is such a deterrent.

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@jca2 If it’s part time you’re looking for, it seems you can pick and choose what hours you want. If they don’t like the hours you tell them you’re willing to work, move on to looking for a different job.

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@smudges Yes I really only want to work about 16 hours a week but this job that is being posted at a local municipality has 21 hours a week. It has advantages, like it’s pretty close to my house and the pay is good, it’s in a field that I like and since it’s a government office, it wouldn’t be weekends and nights the way some jobs would be, but since the job is for 21 hours a week, they want someone for 21 hours a week which is 3 days, which is more than I want to do. I’m wrestling with the pros and cons. A friend suggested I could take the job and if it’s too much, I could quit it. I don’t want to pass it up and regret it, but I also don’t want to take it and then be miserable and have to deal with quitting. Ugh.

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@jca2 Maybe you could negotiate the number of hours with them. Are there any parts of it you could do at home? That would be ideal…some at home, most at the office.

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@jca2 I’ve found with part time work that going in three days a week felt like a job with a few days off and going in two days a week felt like retirement with a part time job. But it does seem like a good fit for you. YMMV

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@smudges I talked to the lady just on a casual basis about the terms (I volunteer there a few hours a week so I asked for some details) and she said there’s no working from home, she needs a body in the chair for 21 hours a week. I had in the past asked about how they did through the pandemic and they didn’t even work from home during the pandemic. I was asking about the hours because I was thinking maybe they’d be ok if I did ten hours a week but if she has a budget that allows 21, she wants 21, which I can understand.

@janbb That’s my problem. I feel like 2 days out of 5 is less than half, but 3 days out of 5 is more than half. I’ve been enjoying lots of free time to schedule stuff and just to relax, and 3 days out of 5 would mean scheduling around the job. I’m going back and forth with, well the money is not bad. That’s where the big dilemma lies.

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^^ That is a dilemma! And I suppose that having volunteered and knowing the lady makes trying it out and then quitting difficult. Good luck. :(

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Thanks! Sorry for derailing the thread, @Hawaii_Jake .

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actually I think I’m the one who derailed it. I’m sorry.

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