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Which juicer would you purchase if you had a choice? Please give me your choice and reason you chose that one.

Asked by lollipop (734points) September 23rd, 2008

I am trying to decide between Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer Elite model and the Breville JE95XL model. I want to be able to use the juicer for pomegranates, oranges, grapefruit, along with hard fruits and vegetables also grasses and ginger root and possibly for soy milk. The person using it will put it too its limits so it needs to stand up to performance!

I have had an inexpensive juicer in the past possibly a Procter Silex and it was NOT very good. Cleaning it wasn’t easy or the using of it either. I want one that will be easier than that and yet ‘sturdy enough to do what is required’. I have read so many reviews on both now I am totally confused and not sure which one to go with. My first choice was Jack’s but then decided to look at the other brand also. They are both about the same price depending on where you go, $149.00 I believe.

Can you help me finally make a choice? Thanks

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Well, I have a La Lanne, but I think it’s been updated since i bought it….Mine’s a pain in the ass to clean

Does the Breville have more power? What’s the wattage?

I’d go to a store that has both set up (maybe Kohl’s or?) and, futz with ‘em both. Disassemble/reassemble and see which is easier to clean.

Definately the one with the most power is what u r looking 4!

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Jack La Lanne’s pj, my friends and I are always making jokes around that nice machine, it’s a t.o.m. choice :)

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I think that the whole fruits are better for you than the juice. Same with vegetables. Thus, I would not buy any juicer.

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@Marina, the reason to use a juicer is you can get in vegies and even fruits that you would normally not care to eat if whole, by making them into juice and combining the different ones. It is just an alternative to getting the same thing, in a different form.

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@SpatzieLover, the ‘Elite’ model is the newest one he has available, they are top rack dishwasher safe to clean also. I believe the Jack La Lanne is the most powerful, that is has the most r.p.m.‘s.

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@flameboi, This might be a ‘stupid’ question, but what does t.o.m. mean? Thanks

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I’m a Vita-Mix┬« fan, because I have previously owned one and been very satisfied with it.

I would also be proud to own a Jack LaLanne® Power Juicer, because I know Jack, personally.

At age 94 (three days from now, on September 26th), he is, I’m embarrassed to say, in much better shape than I. His website is here.

Contact him and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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I forget what my reasoning was…but I have a Breville.
Was deciding between the same two.

Wow. That wasn’t terribly helpful.

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I had a Juiceman Jr, mainly for carrot juice, on the advice of a nutritionist I was seeing.. Unfortunately he (nutritionist) suddenly gained a lot of weight and died of a heart attack. His reasoning was that with carrots, at least, you got more bang for your buck. It took 7 or so carrots to make a glass of juice. However, it was also a bitch to clean and I finally gave it away..

(veggies, and our old friend definitely. Funny about that word.)

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I have the Jack Lalanne Juicer. I got it for my birthday this year. We absolutely love it! I don’t find it hard to clean. It works extremely well with all types of fruit and veggies.

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@JackAdams, Thank you for answering. My mom has the Vita-Mix she bought I think at the fair. Not sure she still is using it but when she did she really liked hers. It is a bit more expensive than what I want to spend now though, I think compared to the J.L. juicers. I remember his exercise shows way way way back, lol. I think my mom used to watch them for a bit.

I am thinking of the newest model Elite on his website wondering if anyone else has that one?

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@mzgator, Could you tell me which model you have please? There are several. I am looking at the Power Juicer “ELITE” model myself, the one just down from that is the deluxe model. There are several different ones to choose from.

Here is the website: but then you have to go up and click on shop for juicers to see the one I am referring too.

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@gailcalled, I had considered getting the juiceman several years ago myself but at the time the price was too ‘high’ for my own pocket book, if you know what I am saying.

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@lollipop: All really good juicers are expensive so you have to be prepared to be in a long-term committed relationship. I was too immature and now eat my veggies either raw or steamed.

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@gailcalled, I know and that is why I am now trying to decide between the two particular models I asked about in my question. I wasn’t in the ‘financial’ state back when Juiceman was the ‘popular’ one on ‘infomercials’ so I wasn’t able to get it. I had to settle for less and YES you get what you pay for, For sure!

So I am trying to be cautious this time and get others opinions before just spending and being sorry later….Thanks for answering.

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I have the elite Juicer and love it!

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@mzgator, Thanks for telling me. I am going to have to call the customer service number I guess to order as it has been showing ‘out of stock’ for over a month now on his website.

I can’t seem to find that particular model any where else either. Amazon has the older models.

Thank you for answering!

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The Phillips 99 quid juicer is the best – I have one…

Anyway, it is stainless steel which means ease of washing and it has a therapeutic tunnel to chuck the fruit and Veg…

I once drunk two pints of Spinach, Carrot and Apple – totally blew my head off lol!

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Share the recipe, please…

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Therapeutic tunnel?

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Nim: that made my day. GG was probably drunk on veggie juice when he wrote ^^.

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Update: My Jack juicer has been down-graded to a back up juicer(so sorry Jack himself didn’t make it to 110 as he’d wished. We adored him;).

We now have a Breville JE98XL (850 watts) that easily juices roots and greens. We needed to upgrade to create a more alkaline diet for our son. He refuses to eat just about everything at this point, but we can get juices down with little problem.

It’s pretty easy to clean (takes about 3mins in a hot, soapy sink of water) and can go in the dishwasher.

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