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Are you disappointed that this latest expedition to Loch Ness hasn't found anything?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32730points) 1 week ago


I was hoping that they would come across some sort of evidence of a monster (or other creature). But not yet.

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I’m not disappointed. From what I understand, they’re continuing to look.

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I find it odd that people are still looking for a monster.

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It’s all very silly to me. Not disappointed but whatever floats your boat – or whomever!

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Not disappointed, but remember, one cannot prove a negative!

I will, however, continue to believe that there is something out there that upset my Scottish ancestors.

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Of course it would be amazing if they discovered a new species, but let’s be real, there’s no monster in Loch Ness. I’m sure the legend is great for local tourism though.

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Nessie has disappointed so many times in my life that I wasn’t even surprised that she didn’t show!!! Actually, she’s kinda like that 50 pound bass in the local pond that has to be 60 years old. I’d love proof that she’s there, but I do NOT want anybody to catch or torture her!!! In my heart I know that she exists & she wants her PEACE & I can RESPECT that!!!

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such a waste of money

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^^ I agree, but I’m sure we’re getting ready to get a new reality show just as soon as the writers’ strike is over.

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I’m generally dissappointed in humanity that this idiotic nothingburger hasn’t been laid to rest. There has never been more than folklore to support the idea of the monster.

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Nessy could be a space alien that left and comes back on his holidays. Like how a Wookie could be sasquatch. Space travel opens up the possibilities.

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No. But they’re in a secret cavern somewhere.The cute Ted Danson movie ( of which I own a copy of ) has undeniable proof.

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Some people have nothing better to do with their time. I am pleased they have something like this to do.

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If this is the original monster what makes one think it’s even still alive?
Maybe they should check the care home for old monsters.

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No. No clear evidence has ever been availed to show proof of Nessie’s real existence. If it had,, I would have said, “Well, what do you know??”

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No. Of course not.

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They found nothing but a couple of mythological water kelpies, young ones not yet full grown, that they had to throw back. Very disappointing.

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Gullible tourism.

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