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Which is better, Plazma or LCD?

Asked by chyna (44678points) September 23rd, 2008

I hope i just havent missed this here, but i want to know which one is the best picture for the least money for the least hassle. If i have to have best buy come out to assemble and to come out at least once a week to figure out how i screwed up the remote, it is not a tv for me.

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And include info on the smaller sizes, please (32”). Thanks for saving me the trouble of asking this. I have the additional aggro of having a roof antenna and no cable available in the entire county.

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depend on where you live. If you live in a humid climate like Washington or the south with a lot of moisture then plasma is the better deal. Overall plasma have a better picture and does a better job of displaying true colors.

Lcd is better for everywhere else. They
Don’t as easily get a burned in picture like a plasma would in a dry climate. They can cost sometimes a little more but overall will last longer.

I personally own an LCD.

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Also when it comes to smaller tv’s like ones 40” inches or below. 720p resolution is fine. Only worry about 1080p on tv’s after 40” inches.

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I wouldn’t worry about the 1080P unless you were planning to use it as a monitor for a computer, or watch blu ray movies.

I’ve never seen a plasma TV smaller than a 40in either.

Plasma has better colors, truer colors, better viewing angles…and the burn in isn’t as bad of a problem as it used to be since the good models will have pixel shifting technology in them.

LCD can be better in some ways….for example, most LCD tvs have a matte finish surface for the screen, and would be less reflective in a wide open room with lights and windows. Where as a Plasma would have a high gloss finish and would probably show a lot of reflection.

I’m a current owner of a 40in Sony Bravia LCD…I like the way the picture looked.

As far as life span goes…assuming nothing fails on the inside of the TV, by time you start to see the colors even begin to fade, you’ll probably want another TV anyways.

I would just go out and look at the two types, and just decide which screen you find more appealing.

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We have both. The plasma has a better picture. It is a 55 inch. The LCD has a nice picture too, it is a 42 inch. The colors are better and the pictures are crisper on the Plasma.

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Below 40”, LCD is better. But above 40” Plasma is better.

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