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If you are a dog person, which do you prefer? A large dog, medium dog, small dog or a miniature dog?

Asked by chyna (51095points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Why? And specify a breed you prefer.

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I’m really a cat person, but I’ve loved several dogs, in a wide variety of sizes, from largest to smallest including:

Saint Bernard
German Shepherd mutt mix
West Highland Terrier

But some small dogs can be pretty insecure and yippy.

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I am not a large person, and I prefer a dog that’s easy to control. And picking up poop from a smaller dog is much easier! ha!

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It all depends on how hungry I am.~

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A friend has a Cairn terrier and it’s just the sweetest thing, and so cute. If I had a dog, I’d probably like one. Cairn terriers are like Toto in The Wizard of Oz, except my friend’s is tan, not black like Toto. Those little dogs are cute, like the white fluffy ones, as long as they’re not too yappy.

Someone in my family has a Bassett hound, and he (the dog) is very sweet. The problem with them is they smell and they drool. I love Beagles, too, except they’re high energy and I tend to not be.

I always thought I liked big dogs, but when I think about it, I like the dogs I described above, or a medium sized mutt, like a smaller Lab mix would be good, too. I love dogs but the problem is I have cats now, and the house isn’t that big. Also, dogs need to be walked which can be inconvenient in bad weather or if we’re away from the house, whereas cats are pretty much independent in that way.

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I am wildly fickle. I love a big ol’ armful of dog, but I had a Westie for a long time who was a portable Giant Dog, more Klingon in nature than not. The herders are smarter than anybody, and mid-size. The various retrievers have been waaay oversized, but more compliant.

Into the elderly years I will be opting for smaller, more compliant dogs, probably adopting older and quieter to give them a nice, snooze-intensive last chapter. And smaller poops will be a bonus.

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I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life,. The smallest was our friend Shaggy B who passed away this past January. He was a Yorkie mix…big for a Yorkie (15#), but small as dogs go. The biggest I’ve had was an Alaskan Malamute mix (90#). Mom was full-blood, dad was something that got into the backyard. Most of mine have been mutts. I prefer mutts. They seem to have more personality, are generally smarter, and have fewer health problems than pure breeds, at least in my experience.

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^I had a mutt that lived 16 years. My other dogs that were purebreds never lived past 10 years. I agree that mutts tend to live longer.

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Large to medium. Anything over 50 pounds.
I always had a dog in the house since I was born. I just was not a fan of little dogs.
This possibly stems from having a Malamute when I was about 10 years old. He would pull us around in the winter on our sleds.

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I prefer a smallish dog but not a tiny one. Both of my recent dogs were 18–25 pounds although Prince had to sometimes diet to get down to 25. Prince was a sweet dumb Cocker, very mellow and he lived 14½ years. Frodo Baggins was a mixed terrier rescue, very smart but a biter and I had to relinquish him.

I’ve looked at times at some of the designer dogs like a mini-Doodle or a Cavapoo but a dog would not really fit in my life right now. I also love Cavalier King Charles’s but they can have seizure disorders. Like @canidmajor, I’ve considered rescuing an older dog who would be a loving laze-about.

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The two dogs I’ve had in my adult life were KoKo Blue, a Lhasa Apso, who weighed about 22 pounds; he was big for a Lhasa. He was a loyal energetic boy who adored me. RoxyLee Riblet was a boxer who was as sweet as could be – she adored anyone. I liked both sizes, but Koko was easier just because I could pick him up, and Roxy killed me when she wanted to be on my lap with her bony elbows going this way and that.

I’m torn, I love a dog that you can really get your arms around, so to speak, but I love the convenience of a smaller one. I’ve heard that if you’re a BIG dog lover but are somewhat lazy, to get a Great Dane. They’re not high energy like those who have to be walked (or run) daily.

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Small to medium. No long hair, no poodles. A greyhound rescue would be great!

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Wow, tough question for an animal lover.
Like @canidmajor, I’m opting for small, smart dogs now that I’m 50. Jack Russell’s are great companions.
But my preference has always and will always be the beautiful, smart pits, or easygoing labs. I just can’t run with them like I used to to keep them healthy and lower the energy.

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@KNOWITALL I used to have a Jack. I always said he was 20 pounds of energy stuffed into a 10 pound sack. The only thing I have against Jack Russells is that they are car chasers. In fact the one I had got picked up by the dog catcher after he chased a car into traffic and caused an accident. Nobody claimed to own him so he ended up at the pound. All I could picture is the owner watching his dog cause and accident and then realizing he/she would be liable for damages if they claimed the dog.

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I don’t think I have a preference. We had two large dogs for about 12 years, then a year after they passed we adopted two senior chihuahuas.

Small dogs are easier to give baths so I might be more inclined to get a small dog for this reason. We can currently give our chihuahuas a bath in the kitchen sink. It doesn’t kill my knees and back like giving our large dogs does in a bathtub. I still love them all the same.

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@jonsblond I loved that about my Westie, I could wash him in the sink like a sweater.

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@canidmajor I just read your answer and had to giggle. One of our little chihuahuas has massive sized poops! I’m not joking. Our previous upstairs neighbor had a large dog and she never picked up its poop. The poop was small so our landlord thought it was us that was leaving the poop in the yard. :D

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I have 4 miniature Pinschers and 1 cane corso (Italian mastiff). It’s really a perfect combination for home security because the little ones are like little alarms that roam around the house and yard, and if something or someone sets them off my 115 lbs cane corso comes running ready to defend and destroy.

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here’s some puppy porn to drool over:

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Thinking my FuzzyGoober might like a puppy…….

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He would! ^

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@canidmajor Would he like the Toy Aussiedoodle? I’ll buy it for him!

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@janbb Aw, hellz no, no more herders for me!!! But that little cavapoo…what a sweetie!! <3

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^^ Yes, and I loved the Whoodles too although I don’t think I could tell anyone that I’d bought a Whoodle!

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I like them all

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