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How much would you spend on a pill that sobers you up fast?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) 1 week ago

If available would that reduce drunk driving accidents?

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I don’t drink that much that I would need to be sobered up fast to drive. I’d rather limit my drinking so that I can safely drive, rather than be popping pills and take a chance.

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Not a cent. I don’t drink.

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If I were still a drinker, maybe $50 or more. You’d spend that much on liquor.

Does this pill hypothetically work for just alcohol or is meth, shrooms and weed included? Because that’s a million dollar idea!

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@KNOWITALL Good suggestions. I guess we can make all kinds of drug paraphernalia cures.

@All Just throwing it out there. The pill doesn’t exist. Except for naloxone for some over doses of heroin.

Throwing it out to the universe; Just in case if any scientists want to research into a quick sober drug?

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I am with @elbanditoroso , Since I have been sober many years, I don’t need such a pill.

I do know from my exposure to heavy drinkers that such a pill would not be used much by those who would benefit the most, because once one gets that drunk, one tends to forget the pill in you pocket because who wants to end a party? Get that wasted one is not thinking about getting to work tomorrow.

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I don’t drink anymore, but back when I did I’d be thinkin’ Hell if I’m ruining this good buzz!

And to answer your other question, no, it wouldn’t reduce drunk driving accidents, imo. The people who need it the most would be the least likely to take it.

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Not drinking in the first place is free.

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Zero!!! Even IF there was such a pill, it wouldn’t solve the problem. Drunks wouldn’t take it when needed because they aren’t drunk…only having a good time. Have you ever tried to take the car keys from a drunk so you can get them home??? They REFUSE because they are still good to drive & aren’t going to harm anyone. When they leave, you’re NOT allowed in their car because you’re a buzz kill!!! I dated a guy who was an alcoholic & I tried talking to him about his drinking problem (while he was sober). He laughed at me & then informed me that HE did NOT have a drinking problem…I had the drinking problem. When he drank, he had NO problem. Yet when he drank that I was the one who had the problem. His liver died about 2 weeks later & so did he. Even if I had handed him such a pill, he would have REFUSED to take it!!!

I haven’t drank in over 58 years, so I wouldn’t need one even if they were paying me to take one!!!

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I don’t drink but I’m certainly not opposed to anything to sober one up prior to getting behind the wheel. Like I mentioned in another post, the worry is that the intoxicated would not have presence of mind to take the pill.

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I was a card-carrying alcoholic. I literally had a laminated card that said:

I don’t have a drinking problem -
I drink, I get drunk, I fall down.
No Problem

Used to think it was funny. Now I know how terribly sad it is.

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