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Are you enjoying the House republicans fight amongst themselves?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32909points) 2 months ago

You probably know that the House needs to pass a budget in the next 11 days or the US government will technically shut down on October 1.

Have you been watching how the ultra-radical conservative house members have been fighting against the regular conservative house members working on the budget? People taunting each other, daring each other to do bad things, but – of course – doing anything but making a budget.

Is this another example of crazy republican overreach and lust for power?

Does the far right really want to destroy the US?

Will the Taliban-crazy minority so-called Freedom Caucus force the mainstream republicans to do their bidding?

Hard to know, but it isn’t it fun to watch them destroy themselves?

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As I see it, the infighting is the only way to shut the bastids down. At the same time, I know how they operate & I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop!!! I just don’t understand exactly what it is about this country that brings out the hatred that I’ve been seeing. Most of them have fully enjoyed the benefits that this country offers. It seems to me that they have become so freaking greedy that that is NOT enough to keep them happy as they seem to NEED MORE!!! At this point, I just hope that I’m no longer here to watch the REAL fight that will be coming…they will eventually rip each other apart until there is NOTHING else left…NOT even the country!!!

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This is nothing new, just another skirmish that will avoid a shutdown at the last minute.
Reducing spending by 8% and funding border issues will likely not happen but the Reps have to try so their voters see they made every effort, even against their own party. Shrug, same old song and dance.

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Doesn’t that impede House business? That would be a dumb waste of time.

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@RocketGuy That is the whole point: they want to impede house business.

As pointed out by Mitt Romney, “Very large portion’ of GOP ‘doesn’t believe in the Constitution’”

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Weeellll, to start with, they aren’t trying to pass a budget. A budget is something the POTUS submits for discussion for a whole year. What they are debating is this same argument that comes up again and again…the “continuing resolution”.

The sides of the argument are a debate over the threats to the nation. The freedom caucus is pushing for 2 things mainly: cutting approved spending on the operation of the government by 8% and having the WH actually enforce the immigration border laws that the House passed. And personally I have a hard time seeing why that is bad or why anyone would argue with it. Only a fool believes our government isn’t too big and weaponized and needs to be trimmed back and even Democrat voters are fed up with the illegal immigrant schtick. Ask AOC about her recent trip back to NYC. She got shouted down by Dem voters.

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Wow, I ask a question about republicans in the House and the peanut gallery responds with anti-Democratic comments. How predictable.

And he didn’t respond to the question.

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@elbanditoroso I’m assuming I’m the peanut gallery since I’m the one that wasn’t part of the echo chamber. And I did answer the question. The fact your question was inaccurate needed to be addressed so I did and then I gave my views on the battle in the House. Sorry I didn’t just go into Republican slam mode like the rest of you.

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@seawulf575 Hey, I replied sensibly!!

@elbanditoroso What did he say that was anti-Democrat?

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Half of it is hysterical, the other half is just embarrassing.

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@KNOWITALL my apologies. As for the anti-Democrat, I dared to say their policies were shite. Open borders….shite. Bloated government…shite. And to make matters worse, I pointed to an example of current events that bear that out.

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@seawulf575 Oh well many Democrats feel the same, I just took it as fact rather than criticism.

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I will agree with you on the open borders being a shit show, @seawulf575. I don’t agree with you on much but I do on that. For NYC, it’s a disaster. Every night on the regular network news they’re mentioning issues with the migrants. I have both Dem and Rep friends almost no one is saying it’s working wonderfully for NYC. Now they’re being housed elsewhere in the state which is also a problem – a probelm for local budgets, a problem for the school systems. NYC is feeding them restaurant food and when they’re sent elsewhere in the state and given regular food to heat in a microwave in their hotel rooms, they’re upset (regular local newspaper articles reporting).

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Honestly, I don’t enjoy anything about politics anymore. I barely feel compelled to pay attention and maybe even vote. It’s become so toxic and embarrassing and out of touch with reality. It didn’t start with the modern Republicans and Trump, but they certainly put a very fine point on it.

It’s all so sad and disheartening.

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@jca2 yep. And yet the Democrats in congress fight against doing anything to seal the southern border. It is getting so that the same things you are seeing in NYC are playing out all over the USA in cities and towns. I recently saw an interview with the mayor of a “city” in WY. They recently had several deliveries of illegal immigrants dropped in their city,. There was no discussion with them, there was nothing. The city has a population of about 50,000 which is big for WY. But they have no resources. This mayor basically had the view that he wasn’t going to do anything with the migrants. He wasn’t going to help or hinder them, but he was going to let winter do it for him. Winters in WY are brutal and they will quickly discover they don’t want to stay there.

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I wonder if “the 20” (ultra right-wing GOP members) of the House will blame Biden or McCarthy when they fail to pass a spending bill? ?

“Many members in the House Freedom Caucus have said they won’t vote for a continuing resolution unless it had conservative policies attached, such as language to address “woke policies” and “weaponization of the DOJ.” Others have said they won’t support any continuing resolution.”

Just shut the country down seems to be their answer, I wonder when they impact enough people, if “the 20” will be re-electd ?

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NYC has a mandate to feed and house every homeless person, so that’s why NYC is attractive to migrants. They just have to get to NYC and then they’re taken care of. White House is blaming NYC for their policy which is attracting the migrants, NYC is blaming the White House and asking for financial help to offset the billions it’s costing.

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I didn’t even know it was happening.
Not really happy to see this stuff happening anymore, as it’s just sad how much potential we’re wasting watching rich people fight over how to control us.

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No, as a matter of fact. I want all of them to quit screwing around and do their jobs.

However, I don’t mind seeing Kevin McCarthy take a few hits.

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