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What are your thoughts on the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein?

Asked by Brian1946 (32102points) 2 months ago
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I read that California Governor Newsom vowed to appoint a Black woman to fill her seat.

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Sen. Feinstein was a long-time ally and staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights. She was a passionate advocate and legislator for gun laws.

She did much that was good.

She stayed in the Senate too long, and I hope that doesn’t taint her record.

I don’t have an opinion on who should be appointed to fill her seat. Since there’s already campaigning going on, I would like to see that play out and for Newsom to appoint a caretaker replacement.

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She should have retired 10 years ago.

As for filling her seat:

1_ Newsom could appoint himself.

2_Newsom could appoint the current VP – Kamala Harris – leaving room for Biden to appoint someone better as his VP for second term.

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Took her long enough.

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Like many Californians, I wish she had retired the last time she ran. She was well loved in San Francisco, and held the City together after Dan While murdered Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

I would actively support naming Barbara Lee as her successor except she is too old to serve for a long time.

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I was also thinking of BLee, except who would take her place in the House?

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I just read this: “Rep. Adam Schiff of Los Angeles, who gained national fame during the first Trump impeachment; Rep. Katie Porter, an Elizabeth Warren-style economic populist from Orange County; and Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland, a progressive famous for casting the only vote against authorizing George W. Bush with war powers after 9/11.”

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Senators should not hold office right up to the day they die of old age.

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She was way more conservative than her constituents and used her office become extremely wealthy ($60+ million) via insider trading and other mechanisms. I hope Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the corrupt Democrats who sold out the working class are not far behind—so American can get to work fixing their mess and trying desperately to save the planet from their betrayals.

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It was far past time for her to resign from the Senate.

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I don’t understand people who work into their 80’s who don’t need to financially. Must be wonderful to love your job that much.

She represented a state that would vote in another Democrat, so it wasn’t like she needed to stay to maintain representation for the Democrats. She should have retired a term or two ago, but I’m not really bothered that she didn’t. It’s not crucial like the US Supreme Court.

Sad that she declined so much towards the end.

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Well, from my understanding, Mitch McConnell would not allow her to retire and be replaced by someone else appointed by the democrats. So she felt she had to hold on so she could hold the position for the judiciary committee. The man stood in front of Congress today and talked about how she was a friend, and I get that you can be friends and yet opposed to each other politically, but I just thought that was a little too ironic. Especially since he himself is definitely to the point where he should retire but is stubbornly holding on. Should she have retired a while back? Almost certainly. But I’m sorry to hear about her death, and from what I’ve been reading about her today, she did a lot of incredible things in her earlier years. I blocked a lot of people on Twitter today who had nothing but rude things to say. The woman just died and imagine how such comments would make her family feel.

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