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If Loeffler or Perdue lose next week, how long do they have to clear out their offices in the Capitol?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29128points) 2 weeks ago

The new term starts Monday, the election is Tuesday.

Assuming one or both lose, how quickly do they need to vacate so the new Senators can come in?

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They are “out” as of Sunday. If something comes up to vote on Monday, they don’t get to participate.

Offices, though, are assigned by seniority, so there is a general shuffle this weekend, as some leave and new Senators come in. If the Dems win, they will be at the bottom of the seniority list as the last two Senators elected. The one replacing Perdue would be lower than the one replacing Loeffler, because her term is the stub of a term, and the Perdue seat is the start of a six year term.

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But the results aren’t in until next week….Jan 5th I think. So where does Sunday come in?

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Sorry. You meant the following Sunday.

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Election results may not be “final” until much later. As of Dec 30, the race in the 22nd NY district still had not been called! The ‘winner’ will probably not be seated on Jan 3.


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@Dutchess_III No, I meant Sunday the 3rd. That’s when their present term ends. Georgia has no Senators this coming Monday or Tuesday, and really not until the Tuesday results are tabulated and certified.

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