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Potentially fatal, but part two of the story is in court Monday or Tuesday, when the court decides on specific damages. So the story isn’t over yet.

And the Trumpies will most likely appeal any decision.

Losing NY business licenses is a BIG DEAL.

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The loss of licenses may cause Trump properties to be sold . . . and then the will have to pay capital gains taxes. The rate would be 20% 2023.

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Don’t worry he will beg his base to pay the penalty!
Don’t ya just love it when he says if they can do it to me, they can do it to you type thing.
Yeah if you defraud the government out of millions in tax money they most indeed will do it to you as well.

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Misuse of The Law™ for what amounts to political prosecution of Trump may cause him some financial harm, and may prevent another successful run at the presidency, which is obviously the main target. However, I think the greater and far more vital damage is to The Law™ itself.

Failure to criminally prosecute violent ‘protestors’ (when they cross the line from legitimate political protest into arson and other damaging assault on persons and property), followed by flagrant prosecutorial rights violations of the J6 protestors and observers, followed by these concerted and tenuous attempts to hamstring Trump in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, combined with failure to prosecute (or even adequately investigate) crimes associated with C-19 and vaxx abuses, combined with abdication of enforcement of the most basic tenets of civil and society (such as the ability to operate retail sales establishments with goods displayed for easy access) will result in further degradation of whatever civil society is left.

Vigilantism is already on the rise; it’s not a thing that I want to see as the likely ‘pendulum shift’ as people feel directly threatened by rising (and unchecked) ‘actual crime’.

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Funny how you complain about violent “protesters” not being prosecuted, and immediately afterwards complain about the violent J6 “protesters” (more accurately insurrectionists) being prosecuted. They vandalised the place, stole things, literally smeared shit on the walls, and bashed some copper’s head in with a fire extinguisher.

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I really like the ring of “Trump Crime Family”.

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