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What do you think of Newsom's appointment to fill Feinstein's vacancy in the Senate?

Asked by seawulf575 (16704points) October 2nd, 2023

Gavin Newsom got to appoint someone to fill the vacancy in the senate left by Diane Feinstein’s passing. He appointed Laphonza Butler, a black woman with no record of holding office. The article says she owns a house in California, but isn’t registered to vote in California and lives in Maryland.

Other choices he had was to move Adam Schiff or Barbara Lee up from the House to the Senate. What are your thoughts on his choice?

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I don’t know a thing about her. But then, I don’t live in California.

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I think it was a smart move to put someone young in. Schiff isn’t exactly a mover and a shaker and Lee is getting up there in years. This gives an opportunity for someone new and young to represent the people. Young people feel disenfranchised because most of the people making decisions for their future are old people ready to kick the bucket. The medium age for the Senate is 65 and for the House 58. I feel the medium age should at least be around 40 to 45. There needs to be a retirement age for all officeholders at 65 or 67.

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@Pandora So just picking someone outside the state isn’t an issue? People elect Senators from people in their state…it’s generally one of the rules. But she doesn’t reside in California. Does she truly represent the people?

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@seawulf575 She has a home in California. People in politics move all the time and this isn’t the first time it has happened. I believe there was someone from Texas who bought a home in GA so he could run for office. I live in a state I don’t consider my home state. To me, my home state will always be NY. Apparently in California, you just need to register to vote to be eligible and so she’s going to move there and register to vote before being appointed. Their state, their rules.

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It is less onerous to name someone who owns a house in California but lives near DC than it is to nominate someone from New Jersey to run in Pennsylvania.

Newson pledged to appoint a black woman, and he ahs fulfilled his pledge. And we Californians applaud his effort to not name someone who has already declared their candidacy for next year.

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In the article about Butler, it states she has done a lot in the state of California. It’s all laid out in the article.

As for criticism, I am reminded of Dr. Oz running for Senate in Pennsylvania. Lots of people felt that was ok. Me personally, I felt like if it meets the requirements of running for Senate in PA, then it’s got to be allowed.

Maybe if it’s a Republican it’s ok but if it’s a Democrat it’s not ok, which is what’s referred to as a double standard.

I recall Oz stating that Pennsylvania is on the Atlantic coast, which is ludicrous.

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She’s a placeholder. There’s an election for that seat going on, with Schiff and Lee both running. To pick one of them would have been to take sides in an unacceptable way. So he compromised.

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He picked a neoliberal to represent a very progressive state. People like her are the cancer rotting the DNC.

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It was an interesting move.
It definitely kept his promise on appointing a black woman who was not currently a candidate.

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@gorillapaws Read what @Zounderkite wrote above. The voters will eventually decide in the next election who they want to replace her with or if they want to keep her in place.

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@Pandora Right, but as the incumbent she just got a major boost.

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@elbanditoroso I’m never a fan of someone moving to a state to run for office. I’m reminded of Hillary running for her Senate seat in NY when she had never lived there previously. She moved there just to run for the seat. Oz is no different. It is just a bit slimy. Funny that you are okay with the Democrat doing it but not the Republican. Huh.

Another issue with your comparison, though, is that Oz (or even Hillary for that matter) were running for the office. The people had the option of electing them or not. In Butler’s case, that option was taken away from them as she is just being appointed. And like it or not, she is not a residence. She might own a house there, but that is not where she declares residency. So he appointed an non-resident to represent the people of his state.

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I have been reading a lot about her, and I think she is a good choice. She brings a perspective that I feel is valuable. As far as never holding an elected office, that shouldn’t be something that bothers any of the conservatives, a number of their famous elected office holders also have only held the office they are in now (or were from 2017–2021).
She is no stranger to the political arena, and is educated and presents as intelligent and concerned.

I hope she prospers in that role.

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@gorillapaws As of right now, she’s not even running. And if she chooses to do so, she’ll have a lot of difficulty catching up in the time she has left.

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Obviously well thought of, so, one is as good as another.

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I think she’s fine. But then again as Gorilla puts it I am a rotting cancer as I am also a neoliberal.

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@gorillapaws It depends on how well or poorly she does. If there are stronger candidates then they can win the seat from her like anyone else. I have voted against incumbents in the past because I thought they performed poorly or simply didn’t seem to have the skills needed for the job. Hers to keep or lose.

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@Zounderkite wrote my thoughts.

She’s a placeholder. There’s an election for that seat going on, with Schiff and Lee both running. To pick one of them would have been to take sides in an unacceptable way. So he compromised

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