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Do you think it is old-fashioned to buy PS2 (Playstation 2) now?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) September 24th, 2008

I have sold my PS2 4 years ago…. There are so many PS2 games that I want to play. I would like to buy PS3 but the BD price is very expensive. What do you think about if I buy PS2 now? Do you think it is old-fashioned already? But PS2 production still continues, right? Thanks

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Who cares if it’s old fashioned! If that’s what you want to do, and it’ll make you happy, go for it. I still love my PS2.

Edit: On a side note, why are all your questions about PlayStations?

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au contraire! I’m still looking for a n64 again, when you have an old game console, suddenly, all those good memoirs of your hs years come back… is a good way to keep a young spirit :)

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Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Is it old fashioned that I still play my Commodore 64 games?

Yes. Yes it is.

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yes i think that the Playstation 2 is too old and there is no speacial gams in it exept /bully/ and /god of war1_2/ becus they show alot of action and i like action

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the best thing to do is buying a computer.

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it’s not old-fashioned if they are still making games for it…it’s a heck of a good console that has a ton of games.

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they stoped making ps2 games and i think if uhavent ever by a ps2 u should by one
but not for me becuse i have almost played every single gam in it
i have ps2 since 2005 and iam sick of it..

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and its not about fashion

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Buy it! It’s cheap, the games are cheap but oh-so-fun, and you can probably get one for the cost of a DVD player at this point, which OH HEY it also does.

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@mohmmed22dj – what on this page would make you think that they are no still making PS2 games?

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Buy it. There is a great collection of games and they are still releasing new games. Sony are making huge profits from the ps2 and they will continue to support it. Even at E3 they have a section for the PS2. You can get great bargins on pre owned in store also.

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Thank you for all your answers! I think I’m going to buy it. Only mohmmed22dj who doesn’t agree…

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if you like it just go and buy it.

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I hope you enjoy it!

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Sega is old-fashioned in Videogameland. If your happiness is important above others’ in this instance, then go for it. Buy the PS2.

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