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Should a homemade apple pie be refrigerated?

Asked by tscoyk (187points) September 24th, 2008

I’ve always baked apple pies and left them out at room temp. I will stick them in the fridge if they don’t get eaten in the first day or two. I am now questioning this “wisdom”.

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It should be eaten completely, so there is nothing left to refrigerate.

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As foods go, apple pie is not very fertile ground for pathogens. Most bugs that pose a real risk for humans are after protein, and there ain’t much protein in an apple pie. Plus, sugary environments are hostile for most bacteria.

Yeasts and molds will eventually do in an unrefrigerated pie, though. The yeasts won’t hurt you, but molds can be harmful. Don’t eat fuzzy pie. Words to live by

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Sugary environments are hostile for most bacteria?
I guess that makes sense.
Lots of old jars full of candy!

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Sugar acts like salt; it sucks water out of the bacteria by osmosis through the cell membrane.

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Same for apple crisp, I suppose (lots of sugar, little protein)... Topic of conversation last weekend…

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Harp? Are you an alien from the planet Encyclopedia? My goodness, you sure know a lot. How big is your head?

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a tiny bit bigger after that comment

This is the kind of stuff you’d better know when you work in the food biz.

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I think Harp authored the Encyclopedia…

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When I bake an apple pie there are usually 6–8 slices. 3 slices are eaten by myself and family warm out of oven…2–3 more for brkfst..then the rest is finished for desert.

I leave it out for the 24hrs. If my apple pie isn’t eaten w/in 2–3days something was wrong w/it in the first place and goes out to the squirrels & birds.

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“don’t eat fuzzy pie”

Jack, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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you bad boys!

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hey Sueanne_Tremendous, just because someone is smart dosn’t mean they studied the encyclopidia. i’m only 11 and im way smarter than most 15 year olds and i’m sitting here talking to a huge jerk who probaly had to look up most of thier words to spell them accurately.

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regarding the question, u should put homemade pie in the fridge because it has preservitives and those can spoil quickly.

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Homemade apple pie has preservatives. And those can spoil quickly.

Um, thanks for the tip.

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Free advice: you get what you pay for…

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I would refrigerate it because as far as i’m concerned apple pie is only really good cold or REALLY hot…not room temperature!

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Now, to CORRECTLY answer the question which the OP asked, (to which lovelylady has given an INCORRECT answer), NO, you do not have to refrigerate fruit pies. Pies that contain dairy or eggs should be refrigerated within 4 hours after cooling. Fruit pies, such as cherry, apple, blueberry, peach, etc. do not contain dairy nor eggs and therefore are safe to leave on a countertop for 3 to 4 days.

Hey lovelady – I don’t think that Sueanne was purposely being cruel. It was more of a comical sarcasm – and if you were as “brilliant” as you claim to be, then you might have caught that, even at the age of eleven. On the other hand, let’s talk about not bragging about one’s own “smarts” when one doesn’t even know how to use proper grammatical spelling of whole words along with proper sentence structure.

So- lovelylady, make sure your own spelling and grammar are in proper form before you bash others about their errors, but more than anything, before you go bragging about how smart you are and that you know more than most, make sure you actually DO. Which in this case, you don’t.

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