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Would you recommend using the pillow cube?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29000points) October 8th, 2023

Just saw an ad and wondering if I should try it to get better sleep. Thanks!

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I always bring my own pillow when staying at my daughter’s house, or a hotel. If i forget to bring it, I use a towel, folded just twice. I like it that thin.

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^^If I had to use a towel I would probably slip that towel in a clean t-shirt for smoothness.

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If you buy it, make sure that it is returnable. Seems shaky to me. If square pillows worked, they would have been invented 200 years ago.

I wonder if this is Mike Lindell’s new business???

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I guess it could work as long as you only sleep on your side. But the moment you try to lay on your back or front, this will be atrocious. Hard pass.

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I noticed a review of 5 pillows below the you tube ad you attached that included the Cube. I watched it and the Purple Pillow ranked highest in their review. But it is pretty pricey at 129.00. You should watch the review. It might help you decide.

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^^Oh thank you! And thanks all jellies! :)

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@chyna Decided to get the Coop and try it.

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I think that’s the one I would try too. Seriously, let me know because I need a better pillow.

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@mazingerz88 I put the towel in a pillowcase.

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^^Oh yeah! Silly me. For some reason when I thought about doing that with a towel, I felt I was in a situation where I had to improvise with a t-shirt. lol

@chyna Will let you know.

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I don’t like thin pillows, but that one just looks way too tall for my taste. I have two memory foam pillows that I stack one on top of the other but that’s about as high as I want to go. I do like a lot of support for my neck and shoulders because I sleep on my side for the most part and I also have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder so if I can’t get the pillow situation right then I regret it in the morning.

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My experience with pillows like this is that they actually caused me neck pain. The pillow is generally too firm for my liking. If I am lying on my side, it doesn’t fit correctly in that 90 degree area of my head/neck/shoulder. As a result it holds my head up too much or it is down too much. Another problem is the impact on the neck. If I lie on my back, it puts the strain on my neck by pushing up on it. If I lie on my side, same thing. The head is always heavier than the neck so the head always sinks further than the neck pushes down. Every time I have tried a pillow like this it feels great when I first lay down on it, but as I sleep and my muscles relax, the pillow pushing up on the spine in my neck ends up causing problems.

I’ve been very curious about a Purple Pillow. Recently got a Purple Mattress and it is very comfortable. They had a Purple Pillow in the mattress store that I tried and it was very comfortable but not sure how it would work after a full night as opposed to the couple minutes I tried.

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@seawulf575 I’m wondering if you can return the pillow after a week or so of trying it out?

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