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Where can I buy specialty contacts?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21477points) September 24th, 2008

I am going to be evil Willow for Halloween (from the finale of Buffy season six) and I need all black contacts to complete the look. I just need to know a store I can go to that sells non-prescription contacts.

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sorry I can’t link it like normal the quotes on my phone is being weird. if memory serves those are basically identical to willows. you still need to be sure of your eye measurements(?) so that they fit properly. :)

also as far as I am aware you have to order them online or through a special effects company.

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scary! But they still require a perscription.

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Sorry, posted to the wrong question here some how. can I delete a response or just edit it like I am doing?

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The all-black ones are cool!
The others look a little contrived.

Okay, totally not the type of scary you’re going for.
But have you seen those anime contact lenses?

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great googely moogely those are expensive!

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That was my roommate’s reaction too. I think I can do without the contacts if they are that expensive, truth be told…

I do appreciate all the replies, though!

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