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It seems likely that Sam Bankman-Fried will go to jail, for a long time, for his financial misdeeds relating to cryptocurrency. How will he be treated?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32904points) 1 month ago

On the one hand, he presumably has a lot of money stashed and could probably bribe / pay off other cons for gentler treatment.

On the other hand, he looks like a pudgy wimp, and might be seen as a weakling by long-term prisoners.

Or will they send him to one of those white-collar golf course prisons – like they did Bernie Madoff – which would probably be safer?

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He will have an elevated protein intake, if you catch my drift.

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Fried will be grilled (pun intended), then put in a low sercuity white color prison. He will still be a young adult when he gets out of prison. He probably will write his memoirs while In prison.

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He will be horribly mistreated at first, then he will be protected by someone who made the deal with the assailants.

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Since he is not a violent prisoner, he will go to a low security prison and be treated rather well. Like where Bill Cosby went. Or where Donald Trump will go.

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I’m guessing he will not go to, as the movie Office Space called it, “Federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison. He will go to some low security prison and will likely get released in 5 years at most. He will be treated nicely as the other prisoners will likely be much like him.

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I think one could look at how Bernie Madoff fared. He will be respected as someone who stole huge amounts of money, and other cons will ask him for advice on how to protect their ill gotten gains.

Expect a sharp increase in crypto trading from either the minimum security wing at Lompoc Federal Prison or from FCI Dublin (where Michael Milken served time).

@seawulf575 I would expect SBF to be in lock up for at least 20 years. He hasn’t been very remorseful, and he tried to throw his old girlfriend under the metaphorical bus by giving her diary to the NY Times.

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@zenvelo You would expect him to get 20 years, wouldn’t you? But white collar crime is far softer on sentencing than blue collar crime. Not to mention he might get sentenced to 20 years but would be eligible for parole far earlier than that.

I’m of the firm belief that white collar crime has far more impact on society as a whole and should be treated as a violent crime. Someone uses a gun in holding up a liquor store and gets $250 is looking at 20 years for armed robbery. The people he hurt is effectively no one…the shop keeper was likely shaken up. But some yutz comes up with a scheme to defraud people and he can wipe out life savings, impact the entire banking system and directly impact thousands of people all at once. If the minimum sentence for the liquor store hold up is 20 years, the white collar crime should be closer to 50 years. If they did that, some of these fools would not be so willing to play their games.

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@seawulf575 Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years, I can’t see SBF getting off any easier.

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On the news, they said he likely could spend the rest of his life in jail.

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While he has money to his name he will keep appealing his convictions. His lawyer’s will be sure to fleece him of his money through appeals, for their services.

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^^^^ He has no money left, it was all seized.

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