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Do crooks today need better nicknames?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28295points) September 15th, 2018

I was reading this newspaper story about one of the last of the Boston Mafia criminals who is just now being sent to jail.

His nickname was “Cadillac Frank”. Some of the others in the story were “The Rifleman” and “Bobby the Cigar”.

Criminals nowadays don’t seem to have good nicknames. What happened to criminal creativity?

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What happened to criminal creativity?
The “talent” all moved to politics and banking.

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Like “Donnie the Junior” and “Eric the Russian Connection” ? ? ?

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Billy the Kid.
Fat Tony
Nicky Mouth.

Now. What would we name Trump? Trump the Rump?

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Only if they have the talent to think up better, COOLER nicknames!

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Trump the stump.

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Isn’t Bernie “Made off” not whimsical enough? He made off with a small portion of $65 billion dollars.

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Any crim with an ounce of charisma & serious fear factor will not give a fuck about silly arse nicknames, leave that to the pinhead loser types who rob liquor stores & brag about it on social media.

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