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What is the next size up from a case of chocolate bars?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24129points) 1 week ago

Also how much would one save from ordering it? For individual, case lot, ect.

Perferably delivers to Canada.

I would like to be able to have a website for pursuing.

I haven’t chosen brand or type other than milk chocolate.

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In most supply chains, you will go from a case, to multiple cases, to a pallet.

Depending on the size and weight of the item, you sometimes will see half-pallets, but that’s unusual.

Keep in mind that if you buy in BIG quantities (like a pallet full), the candy will dry out and become tasteless before you can eat it.

Wonder if there are high import fees for sending chocolate bars into Canada…

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I’m sure the next size up is a pallet too, which would have to be delivered to your room by fork-truck, off the back of a large truck. Don’t think it will fit or be able to climb the stairs.

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It’s a pallet, and up from that is a truckload.

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@elbanditoroso What are some high calorie snacks that can last long enough for me to eat?

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Can you still get Jersey Milk bars in Canada, or a better variety of Cadbury’s than we have in the states? If so, you don’t need to think about importing anything.

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@Jeruba Yes. Wholesale Club has case of Jersey Milk, and Caramilk, @ $30—$50 a case.

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I found a website called that has small to large order’s, that delivers, to Canada.

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i would think that a pallet would be the next step. You’ll also need a climate controlled area to store it so they don’t get too hot & melt or turn white. Even if you sell them, it will take some time to get your business up & running.

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To make a really bad pun, if the candy goes bad, it will be un-pallet-able…..

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You wouldn’t need a forklift for a pallet of chocolate bars. A pallet jack will do the job of getting it off a truck as long as the truck has a loading ramp.

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@jonsblond try pulling a pallet jack up a flight of stairs. . . . .

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@Tropical_Willie he would have to take the individual boxes off the pallet, obviously. I work with pallets of items every day. Cases are taken off the pallet and taken to their needed location.

Going back to the original question, a case is the largest size you can purchase. Cost is determined by case, not pallet. You’ll have to decide how many cases you want. I worked receiving in grocery for three years and when we checked in pallets of items the cost was still determined by the amount of cases on each pallet.

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Right on all counts @jonsblond , should have put a tilde in there.

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Costco just had 30 bars on sale for 20 dollars (US dollars), sale for Halloween. That’s about the max I would think a single person might want for their house.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Mmmm…I’m going to have to check out I love them and they’re so much better for me – energy and antioxidants. ooooh! Butter toffee pecans!! It’ll be hard staying away from the sweets on the site. :(

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