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Thanksgiving celebrators: what's your favorite varietal or appellation to enjoy with your turkey meal?

Asked by gorillapaws (30296points) 1 week ago

If you drink wine with your turkey, what’s your go-to? Is it Pinot Noir? a rich Chardonnay? something else?

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I have a friend of mine who owns a local winery. I’m going to his tasting room tomorrow and am going to pick up some wine. My wife and daughter like whites and rose’s. I prefer a pinot noir or a zin.

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Alcohol-free “champagne”.

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Sangiovese from Silverado Vineyards.

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If you mean where the grapes of a wine are grown, I don’t drink wine. If you mean the location of the beverage we will be drinking, my favorite bottled water is Panna, so that would be Italy.

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I love a good semi-dry Riesling.

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This time of year a Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2023.

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No turkey if I’m the cook. We are having lunch with my mother this year at the nursing home where she lives. We are looking forward to it…no cooking, cleaning, shopping, spending so much on groceries. No trashed house either.

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@SnipSnip That sounds delightful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time! Do you drink wine? and if so, what would you choose to pair with turkey (if someone else was cooking it)?

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@gorillapaws I don’t drink alcohol at all but some of the family does. I don’t recall ever seeing wine on the table at Thanksgiving but there is always some alcohol enjoyed with the day’s football games.

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A screwdriver. Without the vodka.

Which is basically a glass of orange juice.

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I have been trying some red wines that were recommended by a sommelier on YouTube, and I am starting to think that I just do not like wine.

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@ragingloli What do you like?

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I got some coconut wine from a neighbour which I enjoyed.
I like egg liqueur.
And I liked the apricot brandy I tried.
So I guess it has to be sweet.

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Not a fan of wine with my meal, but a dry red is always fine with me.

@ragininloli Try a moscato.

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@ragingloli Germany has some wonderful sweet Rieslings.

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Oh I remember having Eiswein or Ice Wine made from grapes that froze on the vine.

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I may have some champagne upon arrival and maybe a little white wine, which is a waste for me because I never finish the glass and will give it to someone if they want it. I would be very happy with some Diet Coke.

@Tropical_Willie I love ice wine! Very sweet. I’ve only had it a few times, but I remember it was so good.

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Ice wine….?

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@Dutchess_III a dessert wine made from grapes that are frozen while still on the vine.

The ones I had were from Canada. I know it’s expensive.

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@ragingloli You might try port, which is a sweet fortified wine.

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My daughter makes a mulled wine, which is wonderful. I am hoping to get her to make some this Thanksgiving, if she shows.

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