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What is a food adventure that you would like to participate in?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24350points) 3 months ago

Like BBQ world wide?
Or chicken wings?

I’m Edmonton Alberta I went to a pyrogy festival, when I was a teenager. They had over 300 types of pyrogies.

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Not sure you could get a world-wide thing, but we have had some things like what you are suggesting. Our little town in Ohio had an annual Grape Jamboree. Lots of wineries in the area. But they had grape stomping competitions, sold grape jellies, jams, grape pies, grape juice of a variety of types and grape ice cream as well as all the ridiculous fair food that comes with hometown fairs.

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Weird food taboos, like eating humans or dogs. Would love to try that.

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This one sounds like a food adventure Fude: Nude dining.
I’m not sure i could do it.

I just decided. I can’t do it.

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I don;t know if this is what you’re asking about, but on a trip to Indonesia and back through Hong Kong and Japan, I searched for the world’s best egg roll. None I tried matched the one from a small take out Chinese place in Burlingame CA.

When I went to Italy for 12 days, we had bruschetta at least once a day. The best was at a restaurant in Lucia that used lard instead of olive oil on the bread.

On a two week vacation to Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and up to Bar Harbor Maine, I had lobster at least once a day. The best was in an omelette in Duxbury MA and a stuffed lobster tail in Bar Harbor ME.

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Oh all that stinky fruit, durien. Insects, I’d like to try horse meat.

@ragingloli Cannibals get the shakes so only try it once haha!

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BBQ I’ve had it in 11 states, I’d like to do many more.

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Is that not like travelling around the country to try every mcdonalds big mac?
It is all the same.

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^^ McDonalds is a chain and every Big Mac is formulated to be the same, whereas BBQ is very different from place to place – kind of meat, how it’s cooked, sweet or spicy bbq sauce, seasoned with a sauce or a rub, and so forth. Nowhere near the same.

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MIcky DEE samey samey in every place it is served .

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@ragingloli barbecue is not like sauerkraut, where it is the same in Hamburg or Munich.

I’d put a Santa Maria try-tip barbecue up against any brisket or ribs from Texas or south of the Mason Dixon line, except for green Chile brisket from Santa Fe NM.

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The Great British Bake-Off – guest taster

Tour of great restaurants, bakeries, and/or cafes.

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@zenvelo I had my first tri-tip in Buellton, CA right around the corner from Santa Maria and omg! I’ve never had anything quite that good since. They just don’t cut the beef to get tri-tips in other places. Hubby and I worked at an RV resort in Buellton for about 8 months. Awesome weather!!

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@Tropical_Willie Come on over! You can stay at my place while you try NY BBQ!

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@LuckyGuy New York bbq? Sounds like a crime haha!

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@LuckyGuy I’ve had NY, Connecticut, Georgia, Both Carolinas, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and California. Low and slow and have had Santa Maria style too. And Hawaiian too from an imu

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Global tour of Michelin-rated restaurants!

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Dining in the dark sounds fun.

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@kruger_d I think so, too. But so much of the food enjoyment is in plate presentation.
Do you think they have one where everyone is in the nude?

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I think an entire room lit by only 1 or 2 candles at each table would be fun. It would be gorgeous, and you could still mostly see your food. I’d keep my clothes on, thankyouverymuch!

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There is a pop-up restaurant in LA where guests eat in the nude

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@smudges I really like that idea! 2 candles would give just enought light to see and dark enough so everyone looks good.
Of course, phones would need to be turned off and put away – like at a movie theater.

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@zenvelo Venue for next Flutherfest? ;-)

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