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How is it possible that the Florida Democratic Party just disenfranchised the entire state's Democratic primary voters, and nobody's talking about it?

Asked by gorillapaws (30506points) December 1st, 2023

So the Florida Democratic Party Executive Committee decided to effectively cancel the primary and just give Biden the win.

I guess that means we’re just not doing Democracy in the DNC anymore (at least in Florida)? It’s just a fucking authoritarian system now? And how is this not major headline news? I couldn’t even see any mention of it on CNN’s “Politics” section of their site.

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I agree with you.

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This is shocking. Is there another side to the story? I’ve heard nothing about this till now, but I would have thought that Democrats at every level of government would be bending over backwards to ensure that everything was aboveboard and every right respected. So I say: WTF??

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Because no “news” outlets ever report bad things about the DNC. But what they did isn’t really unusual. The DNC created a system for selecting their candidates that allows them to basically put in whomever they want or whomever can buy the most superdelegates. Remember Hillary running against Sanders? He could have gotten just about every delegate behind him but because she cut a deal with the DNC to bail them out of financial trouble all the superdelegates were in her pocket and it was enough for her to win the candidacy.

I thought at that time is was rigged but Democrat voters did nothing to try changing the party policies. So they must be okay with it, right? This is just another example of that policy.

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Seems to me that the republicans in Iowa (?) or some place in the midwest played a similar game. They didn’t want a republican primary early next year, so instead they cancelled the primary and are going with home caucuses instead (where they can jigger the results).

The bigger picture, to me, is that you’re all bent out of shape about the democrats in Florida when it is the republicans who have completely ignored governmental norms and turned the state into a republican taliban-like bastion.

That says a lot….

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To be fair, this is actually pretty common when an incumbent is running. It’s exceptional now because Biden is unpopular and has a declared opponent.

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I mean, they picked Trump to hopefully give Hillary the win while pushing Sanders down a flight of stairs. It’s not surprising.

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You have to get off CNN and the rest of the mainstream to find out what is going on in this country.

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This is why it’s so difficult for a newcomer to the race to get into it, as far as endorsementes go. The unions and other organizations that endorse often tend to just automatically endorse the incumbent. The incumbent has countless opportunites to make themselves shine, by helping people and doing what they’re supposed to do, whereas a newcomer has not had those opportunities, or if they did, it’s on their own dime, unlike the sitting politician who has an almost endless bankroll for their work (i.e. receiving mileage for driving, having paid staff, etc.).

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To help ensure we wouldn’t have a second disastrous term with trump, maybe? There sre too many idiots out there who would still vote for him.
Just a thought.

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@Dutchess_III “To help ensure we wouldn’t have a second disastrous term with trump, maybe?”

So how does bypassing democracy help prevent a Trump reelection? Biden is behind Trump in 5 out of 6 swing states according to a recent poll of a hypothetical election, wouldn’t it make sense to have a process where multiple people compete to win so the strongest candidate is the one on the ballot for your side?

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Ya. I agree.

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This is common for an incumbent.

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@Forever_Free Do you have a source for that? I’m pretty sure when an incumbent is running with opposition, it’s not common for the party’s state executive committee to vote to cancel the primary and give the electors to the incumbent.

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