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What things do you customize?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24336points) 2 months ago

Like extra pizza toppings?
Or hold the onions?

Humor welcome.

Does not have to be food.

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Pizza for sure. Some other food orders too. It’s great that most mobile food ordering systems allow for customization.

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Just about all my foods!

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My musical instruments. I have heavily modified my guitars to the point where I would wind my own pickups. My pedal board is a hodgepodge of commercial and pedals I built. I have hand built all my amplifiers. Some of my design, but most are clones of classics I could never afford to buy.

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I customize my Facebook account.

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I customize my house decorations at Halloween and Christmas.

I customize my phone list periodically.

I customize my excuses for being lazy.

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My cappuccino.
I actually have my cappuccino named after me, the “R…”

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Pizza – - – my wife doesn’t like anchovies . . . I have a jar in the frig. Put them on my slices.

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About 50% of what I order at restaurants I change something. If I need to change more than one thing I usually don’t order it, because I try not to torture the waiters and kitchen staff. Unless you count hamburger with double lettuce and nothing more as changing more than one thing because a burger is typically served with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Sometimes there are no hamburgers on a menu just cheeseburgers, so hold the cheese another change.

I don’t order a lot of burgers though. Typical changes are more like sauce on the side, or no sauce, or rice instead of mashed potato.

Another change I often make is no parmesan at Italian restaurants.

Chinese I often get plain white rice if the combo comes with fried rice, or white rice in lieu of pancakes for moo shu.

Pizza I usually order plain, but sometimes I add mushrooms or sausage.

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Recipes, coffee

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I customize my cell phone. I sometimes customize my pizza depending on my mood & the offering. I tend to customize my life every so often when I need something different in my life!!! I seldom customize my burgers opting to eat where I like them just like they are.

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If I get a burger from McD’s, I tell them “no cheese, no onions, add lettuce” and sometimes add tomato.

If I get a diet soda from a place where they typically will give you ice up to the top, I tell them “easy on the ice.”

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I make mini Big Macs out of my McD hamburger.

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My Döner is always with sheep cheese, and without onions or red sauce.

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Extra pickles and olives at Subway.
My chinese makes me a light soy/oil toss instead of heavy sauce w msg. Steamed rice.
Pizza is rare but usually chicken breast or sausage/mushroom. (Boring i know)
Burgers I like classic w tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce.

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I always ask for mustard on my burgers. So does my daughter.

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I customize practically everything. I put stick on jewels around the frame of my TV, holographic contact paper on my laptop, various swag copied from the internet, printed and taped on my water bottle, a 100 years Disney logo taped on my coffee tumbler, calendar pictures glued to plastic storage containers in my kitchen, rhinestones glued to my shoes, various stickers that come in the mail on my pencil holder on my desk, glue magnets to pictures and numerous items stuck on my refrigerator, and as others have mentioned, recipes. I could list dozens more.

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I am an Engineer. Everything I own is customized or modified.
Some items might get extra bracing, a dab of epoxy to improve structure, a touch of nail polish on the screws so they don’t get loose, bloatware removed from devices, it’s endless.

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I definitely customize my food, and I don’t like when places don’t give you that option, especially if you’re ordering through doordash or Uber Eats. But I’m very picky about my pizza. I like a lot of toppings, but I’m not as keen on onions and peppers because a lot of places overdo it. I did find a place right up the road for me though that puts the perfect amount of peppers and onions on, so now I’m happy.

Other than food, I sometimes customize the crafts that I make by putting in extra little twist on them or some such thing, although I’m not generally too brave about doing that so only if I can easily figure it out.

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@LuckyGuy – I usually don’t customize an item until it needs some kind of repair. I’ve come to realize that most products are designed to be assembled within seconds, not optimized for long life. A nice bead of Gorilla Glue or contact cement will greatly extend the life of many products.

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I’ll take an old crate (not a collectible crate, but a cheapo one from a thrift shop) or other wooden item, sand it, stain or paint it, maybe decoupage it and poly it, and make it something that looks nice in my house.

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@RocketGuy I might add some label to make it easier to red, or mark it with a sharpie to show where the plug goes, e.g. 3 dots indicates USB-C. I put small marks on my phone case to indicate exact location of the camera on the opposite side.
I’ll read charging instructions and write on the device how long to charge. 4 hours, 8 hours etc.
I measure the empty weight of new items and write it on the label so I know if something is in a pocket – or in a chamber.
My ScottEVest weighs 609.80 empty, and 1111.92 when loaded and so on. ..
A new puzzle might weigh 341.82. If one piece is missing it will weigh about 0.5 gram less. That way I know it is complete. I write the weight inside the box cover.
Yep…. everything is modified.

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@LuckyGuy – I use a silver sharpie to mark the AC adapters for my various devices. They are all black but put out different voltages. It would be easy to zap one device by plugging in the adapter for another device.

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@RocketGuy SAME! I write voltage and amperage in 2 places. That info is too hard to read it on the block. I also mark center + or center -.

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My eyes are still good I guess. I have a massive set of totes full of leftover power supplies and cables from decades of old stuff that gave up the ghost. I have resurrected quite a few dead things using parts from that pile. Then there are those things that should come with a power supply but don’t.

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