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What good brand of men’s watch could I get for 200 US dollars?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28686points) 2 months ago from iPhone

To give as a gift to a friend’s 18 year old son. Could you still get a durable men’s watch for 200 bucks? Thanks!

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I’m partial to Jord.

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Too many variables, because watches are VERY personal items.

Digital or analog? If analog, roman numerals or Arabic numbers?
Just a watch or one with other things (fitbit, Apple Watch, internet connectivity?)
Winding, battery, self-winding?
Colored face or black and white?
leather band or metallic band?

I would never buy someone a watch, because one’s personal taste is so important.

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I have a Mondaine watch that I bought 20 years ago in Chicago that is a superior timepiece.
Here is one of their collections. A few of the watches are on sale less than $200.

Now I want a new watch.

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^^Will check Mondaine and Jord out. Thanks jellies!

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You might also check out online resellers on sites like Mercari or Poshmark or similar sites. You can find some really good stuff on these sites, with easy returns if you don’t receive the item or if the item doesn’t match the description on the site. Higher end merch on sites like this is usually vetted via a third-party website. If you need delivery by Christmas, you’d better hurry, deadlines are approaching!

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Youtubers used to get sponsored by “Vincero”.
No idea if they are any good.

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Is there any way you can get an idea of what watch he would want? Does he like a sleek look or maybe a big face with lots of dials?

Watches are such a personal thing, so many different styles. It’s a very nice gift though.

Just yesterday I saw a Bullova Frank Lloyd Wright watch for just over $200. The face was like a blueprint. I thought that was so cool for the right person. Many of the designers have watches around $200 if he is into fashion. Hugo Boss, Michael Koors, Armani Exchange, and then also there is classic watch brands like Movado.

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^^I did ask and he indicated he likes the look of chronograph watches. Not surprised. Those dials look really cool to boys.

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He is a Gen Alpha and as such has a smartphone glued to his person.

I know this is in a different direction, but….
I wish I’d had a fitness tracking watch when I was that age. It would have encouraged me to form habits that would make me healthier later in life.
If it connected to my phone for emails, texts and music, so much the better.

Garmin Instinct 2 $199
Here are the specs and long list of functions.

Side note: After my Garmin showed me how alcohol affects my body I’ve avoided it.

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Are you going to go to a mall and look at some watches in person or just buy online? Feeling the watch might be helpful.

As far as quality, any watch with a battery will keep time, and in that price range it will be a battery watch. My $50 watch with an $8 battery keeps time. The watches won’t all have the same quality regarding the metal used or leather if you choose a leather band.

I also like @LuckyGuy’s idea as an option.

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I have a true anecdote for you . I had an elderly, now decesed, neighbo who would be around 100 if he were alive. Let’s call him “Jim”. His grandfather worked on the railroad until he retired. He was given a gold railway watch that he prized for its value and accuracy. He gave it to his son, Jim’s father, who gave it to Jim. Jim has two sons. When Jim was in his 80s he offered the watch to them so they could pass it down. .Both refused. One son even said: “What am I going to do with that?!” The other son wanted to sell it. His great-grandfather’s gold watch! Jim told me the story and was heartbroken. “This generation does not value old things. They don’t want it.”

An 18 year old will get more use and enjoyment from a digital device than a future heirloom.

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^^That’s terrible. The sons should have fought over the watch. Ugh.

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^^Thought about this years ago. I don’t have kids so I figured whoever amongst my nieces or
nephews have sincere interest on the things I value and whom I believe would honor my wishes, that’s where these collectibles would go. If no nephew or niece qualify then I’ll search amongst my closest friends’ children. If still nothing…Ebay then. lol

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Think about it. They are not goint to wear the watch, so all it will do is end up forgotten in some drawer or box.

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They’re nuts! I love old things, antiques, mementos, etc. I actually have the first flower my dad gave my mom in approx 1943. She pressed it in a book. I also have letters written between my grandmother and grandfather during the time when he had to leave home and go to another city (Chicago) in order to find work. It was a really sad and financially poor period. In one letter he says that he’s useless and implies that she would be better off without him.

I don’t have children either, but have a couple of nephews who would appreciate the things I have collected. You’ll find someone who appreciates your things, also, I’m sure of it. ;)

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If you want decorative and networked, then search for hybrid smartwatches. Fossil, Withings, and Garmin seem to be top brands. I had a Fossil hybrid watch a few years ago and enjoyed it well enough, and they’ve evolved since then to offer better notifications and more functions.

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@ragingloli Something small that was very meaningful to the family. In ten year one of the grandsons might wish they had it.

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TIMEX makes a good watch. There lots of good, inexpensive watches on the market.

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@mazingerz88 @JLeslie @smudges @ragingloli
It was/is a gold pocket watch. It would have taken up virtually no space in a drawer. He
didn’t say anything to the “boys” (in their 50s) but their refusal really hurt.
I’d consider it a family heirloom.
It is still in a drawer in their dining room. His widow, in her 90s will have to deal with it.

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@LuckyGuy Is there a grandchild who would like it?

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@SnipSnip.…funny Earlier today we ended up getting a Seiko!

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Yayyy! Solved!

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@Hawaii_Jake I sure hope so. Maybe his wife will work it out by skipping the kids and going to the grand kids or great-grands. There are 11 of them. Surely one will understand the significance.

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What would a kid find most useful and be more appreciative about? The watch or the cash?

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@mazingerz88 Good choice…hope you get many years of good service from it.

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I’ve had Citizen, Seiko, and Timex that were reasonably priced and ran accurately. My solar powered Citizen hasn’t needed a battery in years.

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