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What is the best way to preserve old home movies on DVDs?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28686points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I have around 30 DVDs of edited home movies and it just dawned on me that there will come a time when DVD players will cease to exist. What can I do to preserve these precious videos while there is time? Thank you!

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As @TW said, copy them from the DVDs to your computer then place files in cloud storage (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.). I would also get an external hard drive (250GB, 500GB, etc.) and back them up there too.

This way, you’ll have them in four places (DVD, computer, cloud, external hard drive).

I also converted mine to 1080 web videos and published them to YouTube (privately). This way I can share the links with family who want to see them.

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DVD players will be around for a while but certainly rip them to a digital format.
This software is free and works great

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You can save them to your computer, to a thumb drive, and on the cloud.

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Have it done professionally.
Then to whatever suits you

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@kritiper “Professionally” is charging a fortune to use the free software I linked.

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Oh thanks jellies! :)

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@Blackwater_Park That’s right, folks.
“Shit happens.”
And it costs a fortune!!!

Welcome to the real world!

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Of course, you could always buy several DVD players and keep them in reserve for those future uses.

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As long as there is USB and USB-c, there will be DVD players available.
I have converted old 8mm home movies to DVD. I also copied them to a couple local USB disks. Movies take up a lot of space and I refuse to pay a monthly Cloud charge for this type of data.

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^^My movies will take up a lot of space. 30 hours at least. Yikes.

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