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Am I the only one who finds Kathy Griffin funny?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 24th, 2008

The red head on the show “My life on the D list.” Whenever I watch her show I always laugh my head off. Allot of people think she’s just silly. I think she’s pretty funny. If you still don’t know her she was the girl who told Jesus to “suck it” during the Emmys.

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I love the show, it’s pretty hilarious. Her stand-up isn’t the best, but I do get a few laughs when seeing her do stand-up comedy. Again, her show is really funny, much better than her stand-up comedy.

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You should look at this.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that, but I’m talking about her stand-up comedy. I’m not saying it’s totally boring, but it isn’t the best comedy I’ve heard either.

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I love her. I resisted her comedy for a very long time because I found her to be a bit too abrasive, much like I do Margaret Cho who I feel is very similar. I don’t laugh hard like I do with Nick Swardson, Mike Birbiglia, Mitch Hedburg, etc. I find shes funniest when shes just babbling, like on her show. Her off the cuff remarks are where she shines. :)

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She has made me laugh at times, but a little goes a long way with her in my opinion. After awhile, she tends to become obnoxious.

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I think she’s pretty funny. I watch her show, but I do myself putting my hand to my cheek and saying “oh my” quite a bit. She makes me feel like such a prude because she’s just SOOO outrageous.

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I can’t tolerate more than a few minutes.

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I dislike her very much, but she can make me laugh. From what I’ve seen on her reality show, she’s just a horrible person.

I love Margaret Cho and Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin is just…blech!

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I like Margaret Cho too. She cracks me up. I love her imitations of her Mother.

BTW, I didn’t see the ‘suck it” comment, but it sounds like she was going for shock value to get laughs. Comedians who do that are scraping at the bottom of the barrel, IMHO. Only a few can do that successfully, ie: Carlin, Bruce, etc. The rest seem desparate to me.

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@tinyfaery I agree with you on Sarah Silverman, she’s really funny too.
@scamp I also agree with you on the shock value for laughs. The late great George Carlin was truly amazing.

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Watching her on Larry King after the speech made me die laughing.

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Asmonet said Mitch Hedberg….awww…I miss him. He was the best.

As for Kathy Griffen, I do kind of like her. I don’t love her, but I would see her at a comedy club. The episode of Sienfeld she was in is classic.

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I think Kathy’s awesome, but I hated her in Sienfeld! I thought she was really annoying, plus she was like, Jerry’s antagonist, so I had to take his side.

But still I have to agree with you Sueanne, it was most definitely classic!

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Your right. Kathy was obnoxious in Sienfeld. Now she’s allot funnier.

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Holy shit. When I saw Kathy acceptance speech at the Emmys it felt like I was going to throw up. I had laughed soo hard. Good ol Kathy Griffin.

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@Suanne: Oh wait, it’s at home. Filed under ‘D’....for Donut.

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I LOVE HER!!! Always have; always will. Her reality show is the best there is—very few ppl can make me laugh out loud like she does.

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Sometimes she is funny. I thought she was terrible at the roast of Joan Rivers though. She just wanted to show off how good she was looking and forgot about actually being funny.

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