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What small, seasonal indulgences do you partake in to make the short, colder, days a little nicer?

Asked by canidmajor (21391points) December 21st, 2023

I am talking about small treats, here, folks. Like an occasional fire in the fireplace for cheer (not to heat the house), or only baking the special cookies, stuff like that.

For me, I think my favorite little joyful thing is having eggnog in my morning coffee.

Tell me of your tiny joys!

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Hot chocolate!
But only on special occasions.

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I usually get a pumpkin pie at some point between November and December. Costco makes good ones that are very inexpensive (as long as you don’t get lured into buying more stuff there).

My dad always sends a fruitcake, too.

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Chocolate Hazelnut cappucino.
Small container of egg nog.
Usually an Irish whiskey for cold mornings.
An occasional glass of wine since I keep some on hand for guests.
We don’t eat much sugar but I do keep a few out for my husband during holidays.

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Drinking myself into a coma so I wake up in february.

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Eating breakfast in the living room in front of the gas fire.

Putting on my fleece bathrobe at 6 p.m. and reading and watching streaming shows.

Kahlua and milk in a small glass.

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Huh? I love winter. It is already nice!

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Soft fuzzy socks. TV in bed.

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Hot, sweet drinks in the evening.

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Candlelight, Irish coffee.

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My grandma’s potato soup:

whole milk
celery salt

It’s to die for, dahlingggs! Every Christmas Eve Mom and Dad would have oyster stew. We kids hated it so Mom made us potato soup.

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I drink hot chocolate all year, but definitely more during the cold weather.

Hot tea with a sweet treat like a cookie or cake.

Lying in bed a little longer in the morning where it is snuggly warm.

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I wish I could do more food based treats, but with diabetes that’s not really a good thing. But I bought myself a new New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle book, which I’m not allowed to do any puzzles in until Christmas Day. A lot of times I’ll buy myself a new book to read too but right now I have an awful lot of recently purchased books so I just picked one off the pile that I will start reading. Right now I’m kind of fangirling over Charles Dance after watching him as Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones, so I purchased both episodes of the miniseries of Rebecca that he was in and I plan to watch that on Christmas Day! So little things like that. Also, I bought my cats a new cat tree and some more toys because I get a lot of joy out of watching them enjoy their new presents.

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@LifeQuestioner I do something similar. Now that I live alone, I buy myself some treats or a new nightgown or book and don’t open it until Christmas morning.

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Small batch hand dopped al.ond toffee! (courtesy of MIL!).

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I have white Christmas tree lights up in my bay window over the kitchen sink, all year long. I love how they give the kitchen a soft glow at night. That, and a nice hot cup of tea makes me feel nice and cozy.

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