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Election Night Drinking Game?

Asked by Kay (1598points) October 21st, 2008

Has anyone come across a good election night drinking game for the upcoming Presidential election? I searched online and didn’t find one. My friends and I were jokingly throwing out different rules but we didn’t write anything down. Any suggestions/idea? :)

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if Obama wins, I’m getting drunk so it doesn’t hurt so bad when the government starts screwing me, does that count?

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Every time it’s revealed that McCain wins a state, take a shot.

(Though, it seems that’d just be a natural reflex anyway.)

In any event, it’s a good idea for two reasons:
– If things turn out well, we’ll be the just right amount of “happy drunk” to enjoy the good news.
– If things go down hill, we’ll be incoherent when our hearts get re-broken for the third time in a row.

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@girlofscience: Even if McCain only wins the states is which he currently has a lead, and all of the toss up states and everything else go to Obama, according to current polls, that’s still about 20 shots. I don’t think that’s “happy drunk”...

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I’m going to go with the plan girlofscience posted above.

@jholler :: That sounds better then the facial we have been getting for the last eight years.

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also, if McCain only wins those 20 states, it will mean Obama wins by a landslide with 378 electoral votes to McCain’s 160. Not at all likely. Just saying.

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@ezraglenn: If you make those girly mixed shots, you’ll need at least 20 to get happy drunk. ;)

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Did some searching and found this. Seems like it’d be fun and you could pay less attention than usual since the focus isn’t on single words or phrases. Good news for the drunks!

I also really fucking love silly hats

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heres my game. if obama gets elected i will kill myself

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heres my game if McCain gets elected he will kill us all.

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Every time the word “vote” is said you have to eat a chocolate covered espresso bean. You might just have to stay up all night and that should help.

When it’s your turn, you throw a dart at a US map. If McCain is currently ahead there you put on a panama hat and drink gin. If Obama is ahead you put on a lei and drink rum.

Or you could make up bingo cards with words and phrases you expect to hear all night and a few you think are unlikely. First bingo calls the first round of shots.

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@water: Nice knowing you. :)

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I don’t know if we’ll play a game, but I’m sure we’ll be drinking…either celebrating, or crying in our beers.

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I LOVE @cyndyh’s ideas!

Also, @waterskier2007’s idea sounds like it might work out, too. Obama ‘12!

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Here is to true american “if I don’t win I quit never say die” spirit.

If my candidate doesn’t win I will feel sick, that is true but I will move on with hope.

And several cases of soda! (I don’t drink)

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Either way, we’re screwed, so we might as well get drunk first!!

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you drink every time obama gets a vote. that should get you drunk

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I’m not a big fan of drinking games—I don’t need anybody to TELL me to finish my drink, thankyouvermuch.

Instead, I’ll be playing Election Night Bingo—you can download the cards here:


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