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What habits did you make in adulthood that have stood the test of time?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37331points) 1 month ago

My question is directly inspired by Pandora’s question here. Thanks, Pandora.

I dabbled in meditation from adolescence on, and it became a fixed habit 9 years ago. It is a solid part of my life. I hope it continues as long as I live.

What about you? Have you started a habit or routine as an adult that you’ve continued for a long time? (You can decide for yourself what constitutes a long time.)

Serious replies and humorous ones welcome, but please keep it suitable for work (SFW).

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Even if it’s for 5 minutes….I do some form of exercise.
Seriously….10 push-ups and 10 squats even.

You don’t have to do major workouts, but even doing something small is better than nothing.

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I never lose my keys. I am a messy person, and I trained myself decades ago to always hang them up the minute I walk in the door.

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My keys are firmly attached to my trousers with a lanyard. I forgot my keys at home too many times.

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A weird one. When driving through a yellow light, I tap the dash. I was told as a teenager that it if you do this, you won’t get pulled over by the cops for it. Yes, a bit superstitious, but I’ve never been pulled over for the yellow light either. And I’ve had cops right behind me when I’ve done it and they don’t do a thing.

Amusing side note: I told my best friend about this when I was 18. He started doing it. I visited him about 2 weeks ago and this came up. He told his kids about it when they were learning to drive. They both do it. His daughter told all her friends at college about it and they all started doing it. I found it hilarious that something this small has been going on for almost 50 years, but has also been growing and is now into several states.

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