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Interesting conundrum. Who do you believe, the Republican male senator who denies impregnating an aide, or the Democratic former senator who mentioned this in an interview?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33133points) 1 month ago

She (former Senator Heitkamp) said, in an interview, that it’s true, the Republican congressman (Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana) impregnated one of his aides.

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What makes this even more interesting:

Two weeks ago he announced he was running for Senate, then last week -just after the pregnancy news broke – he dropped out of the Senate race.

He’s three times the age of the staffer (60 versus 20) – one wonders how much coercion took place.

If there is a scandal and if he has to leave the House of Reps in disgrace, that makes the republican majority (if you can call it that) even smaller.

Who is to be believed? And more to the point, does this sort of shenanigan help the Republican party?

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Easy enough to prove.

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Easy Peazy ! ! ! ! GOP is going down in flames . . .

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The leader of the conservative, and hitler quoting “moms for liberty” has a lesbian sex tape.
George Santos was, among other things, a drag queen.
The Orangutan is a rapist.
The hundreds of republican sex offenders and abusers.
The “family values” party is not exactly known for adhering to their self proclaimed “values”.
Just by balance of probabilites, my money is on the accusations being true.

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Paternity test time.

@ragingloli “family values” reminds me of a bumper sticker from some years ago: “The Moral Majority is Neither”

Love it!

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I was giving him the benefit of the doubt until his knee-jerk reaction was to threaten to sue the Dem. That’s a right wing tell!!!

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@ragingloli Don’t forget the guy who disappeared for a few days, supposedly hiking on the Adirondack Trail, and then it was found that he was in Argentina having an affair.

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That would be Mark Sandford, Governor of South Carolina:

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I always thought Sanford was a pretty decent guy, as politicians go, but not real bright when it came to having an affair. Why he thought he could get away with it is beyond me.

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She won’t be successfully sued. She said this was a rumor.
That he quit the Senate race so quickly is an indication the rumor is legit.

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I guess there might be a bit of truth in both of them. He probably had a fling with an aide and got her pregnant, but that is probably not why he dropped out of the race.

One interesting thing from the story that stuck out: why is Heitkamp, the former Senator from ND, worrying about what a Representative from Montana is doing? And why is she so anxious to gossip monger?

What’s more interesting to me is the reaction from so many of the jellies on here. Even if the guy had an affair, so what? That is really between he and his wife to deal with. Unless he assaulted the aide in which case there would be legal issues. But it doesn’t sound like that. There was no police report or anything.

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If Rosendale decides to sue, he will lose. As I read the news stories, Heitkamp was repeating a rumor (gossip) which she identified as gossip. She wasn’t stating a fact or making an accusation. So the whole libel thing is out the window.

He would do far better off shutting up and letting the issue go away. (See references to the Streisand effect).

As for @seawulf575 and his “so what” comment – keep in mind that the republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton over an affair in 1997. So it was pretty important to that party then.

Further, this is just one more (of many) episodes of republicans behaving badly. Sweeping it under the rug doesn’t erase that fact.

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It’s just funny and ironic because right-wingers are always calling Democrats the party of the perverts, immoral, etc., and yet right-wingers can and do have a history of the same. I’m sure if we Google, we can find examples of Republicans who have paid for their girlfriends to have abortions, too. I know there are examples of Republicans who have promoted anti-gay legislation and yet were found to have partaken in gay activities.

If we can just admit that behavior of all kinds comes from all sides, the world would be a better place, instead of pointing fingers at the other side and saying the other side is the side of bad actors.

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@elbanditoroso I knew when I said it that someone would bite and bring up Clinton. Let’s be honest about Clinton. He was impeached for perjury and for abuse of power…using the power of the presidency to try interfering in the investigation.

I said from the beginning of the entire Clinton thing that he screwed up. He should have just come out and said “Yes, I did have an affair. It’s over now and Hillary and I are working through our issues.”. He was not the first politician to have an affair and he certainly wasn’t the last. The only real issue him having his affair had, as far as I can tell, is that he did it in the WH, which is tacky, and he lied about it. Under oath. Having an affair speaks to character, just as it does with Rosendale. That is up to the voters to determine if it is enough of a black mark to not vote for him again. Being tacky is not a crime either, though again, it shows he wasn’t necessarily respecting the office and it again comes back to how voters feel about that. Perjury and Abuse of Power, however, are crimes. And how do we punish POTUS’? With impeachment. What bothers me more with Clinton is that he wasn’t convicted. Obviously the Dems have no problem with a Democrat president lying under oath and abusing the power of his office.

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If he dropped out, it’s likely true.
I voted for Bill and still kinda like the old boy but lying to us intentionally was a bad decision.

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