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Asked by blastfamy (2174points) September 24th, 2008

Tonight I discovered how much I love feta cheese. This surprised me, because I hate many similar cheeses: bleu, american, brie, stilton.

I love Muenster, jarlzburg, and extra sharp cheddar.

What are the collective’s favorite cheeses?

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Wait, wait. Stop the presses. ‘American’ cheese is similar to feta? And bleu and stilton? Whoa. You just blew my mind.

My favorite cheese is Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar.

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Mmmmm.. feta. I’m Greek. It’s in my blood to love feta. Glad you can appreciate it also. =)

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Gorgonzola is great

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I like American and Feta.

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I got some chocolate cheese in Wisconsin. was pretty weird, but delicious :)

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feta, brie, blue, mozzarella, gouda

cheese always tastes better grated for some reason. am i right?

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a nice hunk of parmigiano reggiano always hits the spot for me.

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Any and all!

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Monterey Jack is my favorite. Provolone is good. So is good old cheddar.

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I like the mild cheeses: creamy havarti, brie, things like that.

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@Les, I second Tillamook. Did you know that the only difference behind the black wrapped cheese (besides being more expensive) and the regular sharp cheese is storage. Buy it ahead of time, put it in the back of the fridge for 3 months and you have the extra sharp. You’re paying for their storage facility.

When in the south of France, we were served Chevre wrapped in a filo dough like pastry. Absolutely fantastic!

I’ve also had Garlic Gouda in Gouda, but can’t find it here.

I also like Gorgonzola, and Garlic Brie. I love Irish Cheddar, but it’s pricey here. Trader Joe’s sells a New Zealand White Cheddar that is almost as good and about half the price. Jack is great, but Pepper Jack is better.

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I love feta when it’s melted. Otherwise, not a big fan. I like your basics: American, provolone, mozzarella, parm/parm. reg. Swiss and Cheddar are okay but melted only.

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When I was at a friend’s house, his mom brought out this wheel of brie with a layer of cherry in the middle and she warmed it up. It was amazing.

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I like Camembert and Brie cheese the best. Melted with some Triscuts. Mmmm

Camembert a bit better than Brie though, considering it’s milder.

I also like Swiss cheese. All this cheese talk is getting me hungry. Great! Now I have a craving for some Camembert.

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When I was in Monaco we went to the Hotel De Prarie and had the French dinner of all French dinners. I couldn’t even read the English translated version of the menu so I had the waiter choose my meal for me.
There was a cheese “course”. I can’t remember the name of the cheese and probably couldn’t pronounce it but the waiter told me it was “stinky cheese.” It was not the one we hear about in the US. It was SOOOOO good. So smooth you would never believe the smell based on the flavor on your tounge. Totally amazing!!!

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Real Wisconsin Cheese!
i’m a cheesehead. we have more blue ribbon cheeses than France

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Put me on the cheese bandwagon (full disclosure: I, too, am from Wisconsin)! My all time favorite is a 12 year old cheddar made by a little old cheesemaker in Green Lake county.

Asiago is probably my second fave followed closely by feta, bleu, Parmesan…awww heck…I don’t think I’ve ever come across a cheese I didn’t like.

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Happy cows come from California. :-)

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@Judi Argh! I can’t tell u how much those commercial irritate Wisconsinites, esp German ones that KNOW how happy cows really love a nice winter day in the pasture (cows are huge, hot animals)

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Actually, I think they got that “Happy Cows Happy Cheese” campaign from me. I live in California and would discuss with anyone who would listen about my theory of why the beef at the Madona Inn (in San Luis Obispo) tasted so much better than other beef. I theorized that because they lived in such a beautiful coastal climate they didn’t have as many stress hormones so they tasted better because they were happy. I said, “Happy Cows, Happy Beef” all the time. Someone must have overheard me and used it for the cheese. I think I deserve royalty checks!

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@Judi <called the California Dairy Farm Association for you. Check’s in the mail>

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I love cheese! My favorites change often because when I find a favorite, I eat it until I get sick of it…

My current favorites are Humbolt Fog and this lovely English Cheddar with carmelized onions

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@trudacia lol humboldt fog such a fitting name. ^_^

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oh my gosh, so many! Cabot cheese from my home, Vermont. Goat gouda is a relatively new favorite. Grilled feta which I just had for the first time. My roommate put it on the BBQ and it was AMAZING. I think I ate most of it. Oops. I also like cottage cheese, pesto jack, provolone, gorgonzola, brie, whatever, I like pretty much all of it. I only like swiss when melted (yeah I know) and I don’t like smoked cheese or pepper jack. And American cheese is crap. But all other cheese gets my love.

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Smoked Gouda!

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English Farmhouse Stilton

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