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Why do the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 24th, 2008

Do you even believe this 666 “Devil Crap”, linked to gambling etc..COM-ON

Is it just a coincidence?

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They do?

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(1+36 is 37, 2+35 is 37, 3+34 is 37, and there are 18 pairs, easier way to do it)

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The Devil wants your money.

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i was never aware of that. thanks for pointing that out. anyways, i dont think it has anything to do with the devil, because they could easily add 3 more numbers so there are 39 and it wouldnt add up to 666.

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@zack: what? I don’t understand your comment, why THREE, WHY THREE??? I will be THINKING about your answer for like 2 weeks now. Why 3 numbers???? AHHHH MY HEAD!!!

Of course if you add ANY number of…Numbers, it WON’T be 666, PLEASE explain.

and who is “THEY” ?

please tell me

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the rows are in 3’s and the column’s are in 12’s. so add a row to the bottom and you get 13 rows of 3.

they refers to the rich asses in monaco, vegas and saudi arabia.

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uhhhhhh!!!!! I was never gonna guess :D i can die a happy man

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i hate math.

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I love math.

Windex, you have an official groupie.

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Why do you take notice when a combination of numbers adds up to 666? Have you considered how many instances are out there of numbers adding up to 665?

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Interestingly, “the 11th century minuscule manuscript Codex 2344 identifies the Number of the Beast as 665.”

So yeah, we’re probably in danger no matter what number comes out the other side. I’m going to sit in the corner until numbers lose all meaning, just to be safe.

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Maybe that’s why I always win in the roulette only in the roulette

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MAYBE I’m just going crazy but, I was thinking…Hmmm gambling, deck of cards…

Add the numbers in a deck of cards

1+2+3…+10=55 (Ace as 1)

add each suit


220×3 = 660 (3 because there are 3 Non Number cards: 1.Jack 2.Queen 3.King)


660+ 4 = 664 (4 for 4 suits)

664 + 2 = 666 (2 for 2 colors, Red/Black)


I know it is JUST a coincidence and you can probably get 666 using some other way/s.
(I’m the LAST person who’d believe these things…)

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