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What things do you take special care to do nicely or precisely or painstakingly even though no one but you will notice the results?

Asked by Jeruba (55824points) 1 month ago

Something in the kitchen or the living room, something in your attire or hairstyle, something in your work or a hobby? You do it with such careful attention because it pleases you to do it perfectly.

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25 years ago I worked at a fast food burger restaurant. I discovered the training manual, and made perfect burgers.

I don’t know if anyone noticed.

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Posting in Fluther.

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Organizing my closet, car, office.

My clothes, for example are all facing the same way, matching hangers, by type, by color. Nobody cares but me.

In fact, my wife’s closet, which is right next to mine, looks like she tossed everything in, from across the room, with the help of a leaf blower.

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Whenever I text, I have to use appropriate punctuation and spelling, the fact that I don’t know if it gets noticed half the time.

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^^^ I notice.
I’m in the process of painting a glider. It’s a pain in the butt but I pay attention to details. Maybe no one will notice the specific details but they will notice overall that it’s nice.

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My kitchen has to be completely clean before I cook. I refuse for any of my seniors to get sick from my food! :)

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My hair.

Never mind that it all fell out 15 years ago.

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Putting on Mascara. No lie. I didn’t really start wearing it on a regular basis till last year. I found one that I really like. And that was that.
ETA: No I guess this doesn’t count, people do notice the results. However, sometimes I do it when I am just staying at home and no one sees it.

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I have been quite painstaking and methodical in writing up my diaries for the last 50 years or so and during the Covid lockdowns I digitised the whole thing.. I use it occasionally to supplement my memory but It is very doubtful that anyone else will ever read it.

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