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Did you hear that the Brits have changed the rating of Mary Poppins?

Asked by filmfann (52219points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The BBC increased the film’s age rating from U to PG, due to Admiral Boom’s use of the word “Hottentot,” a racially insensitive term for the Khoekhoe, a nomadic indigenous group from South Africa.

What are other examples of how inappropriate Mary Poppins is for children?

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Most men in the films are portrayed as voracious, money-hungry, unfeeling, miserly nasty people. (Except for the male protagonist, Mr Banks)

Women (with the exception of Mary, of course) are portrayed as weak, male-dependent, needy, and somewhat brainless. (although this is less so in the recent remake).

The 1964 version showed more stereotypes than the 2018 version.

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Seems like it would be easier and more appropriate just not to use the word Hottentot! smh

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While I have heard that word before, I didn’t know it’s correct meaning and etymology.
It is racist, but because it’s fallen out of use, it doesn’t carry the power of current racist terms.
I will note that The Wizard Of Oz uses that term as well. Should its rating be changed to PG?

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@elbanditoroso I don’t know if I would say that of all women in the movie. Certainly Mrs Banks was advocating for women’s rights and was a suffragette. And Mary Poppins was certainly not weak.

Also, Bert would definitely be an example of someone who did not fit your above description of the men in the movie.

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Indubitably. It’s about time.

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The only place I have ever seen the word Hottentot was in the definition of steatopygia: “Steatopygia, from the Greek “steato” meaning “fat” and pygia meaning “buttocks,” is defined as excessive fat of the buttocks, usually seen in women and sometimes called Hottentot bustle because it was commonly seen in the Hottentot people of southern Africa.

That definition is from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a government agency.

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