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Nazi Rule?

Asked by Amish_Ninja (225points) September 24th, 2008

My question is, could the “Axis powers” have take over the world if they had not become so corrupt in the last few years of rule over western Europe and east Asia? It seems to me that too many people we selling out that were in the Nazi party because things were in short supply in Europe. Could America and England have stuck out the fight against the axis powers if it wnet on a few more years?

Your views?

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In what way weren’t they corrupt in the early phases of their tyranny? Morally corrupt regimes are destined to fail, and this one was the most morally corrupt regime in human history. Besides, America has always had the luxury of being relatively immune from foreign attack (at least until the development of ballistic weapons), and so, given enough time, the Axis powers would have been handily defeated.

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What Shilolo said.

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The world would be a different place if the Hitler had not opened up the Eastern Front. Napoleon made the same mistake.

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Lost of ppl in my family were in the Nazi party.

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We have Russia to thank for so much and almost everything in the European theater. But they don’t teach you that in American schools.

The United States single handily beat every axis nation alone. AMERICA!!!

Though I will say we stuck it to em pretty good in the Pacific. There were also some huge Japanese blunders that saved our asses. **Midway** **cough**.

But honestly, this is a vastly complicated question. No one thing determined the outcome of WWII. It certainly wasn’t morals if that’s the answer you’re looking for.

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Hitler is too ambitious, taking Russia out is a devastating mistakes.

I have to agreed with Spargett.

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A friend of mine has a 1937 school atlas that he likes to use as an example of why it was stupid for Hitler to start a war and even more stupid for Japan to involve the US.

On one of the maps, you can clearly see that in 1937 the industrial production capacity of the US was greater than that of Germany, Italy, and Japan, combined with all their territories and possessions. Once the US, enraged by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, entered the war, there was no real way for the Axis to win except by fighting a war of attrition, and by 1942–43 that was no longer really an option.

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Ideologies aside what if German have Russia as an ally ? Do you ever thin US can still wins ?

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I think so, although it would have been a much harder slog. One of the things that kept the war as short as it was was that Germany poured a lot of effort and resources into fighting Russia, which meant that they had that much less to devote to the invasion and occupation of western Europe. But the industrial capacity of the US probably would have won the war even despite Russia being on the other side.

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